The Role Played by Anchor Text in SEO

anchor text imageAnchor text comprises the words that are visible in the hyperlink. It looks like this in a sentence: Home repair service is necessary especially if your house has already worn out. Point your mouse cursor into it and it will reveal this link: In HTML code, search engines view this as this: repair service

Anchor text plays a key role in Search Engine Optimization. It positively affects Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) because it directly informs search engine spiders about the content of the link. Through this, they are able to index that specific site easily. This then helps companies improve their search engine ranking. However, placing anchor text in your website is not enough for a page to rank higher. You still have to take into consideration its quality. Now, how can you guarantee superiority in anchor text? Check these:

Avoid using generic anchor text.

Do not just go for any word or phrase as your anchor text. Be particular with your selection. Do not use the words “Click here” when you can basically apply your keywords into it. This will be useful in your aim to get attention from search engine spiders. More importantly, you will be able to establish the relevance of the anchor text to the inquiry of user.

Use your keywords and keyword phrases.

Each time you create an anchor text, you have to see to it that your keywords or keyword phrases are included. Search engines will easily understand the summary of your content and may possible index it in the search engine results. Use several keywords and keywords phrases as many as you can but do not attempt to do overstuffing. In addition, make sure that you do not affect the natural flow of your article with it.

Guarantee its relevance to the link.

If your anchor text says “home repair service”, your link must direct you to a content that talks about the same phrase. In this way, search engines will give more importance to it.

Do not link your anchor text to your home page.

Remember: In your anchor text, you must link a specific page in your site and not simply your home page. Or else, your visitors will always fall in the same page, which of course, will irritate them. Likewise, you are not maximizing the potentials of your anchor text if you keep on linking it to your home page. Search engines will read the same thing: How can you possibly think that this will help improve your page ranking? As mentioned above, link them to a relevant content and make the most out of your keywords.

Vary the keywords that you use for the anchor text.

Do not always make the “home repair service” as your keyword. Add something to it from time to time so you are able to target other search inquiries over the Internet. For instance, think about using “low-cost home repair service”, “cheap home repair service,” and “affordable home repair”. By doing this, you will also avoid receiving red flag from search engines all because they suspect you of doing something.

Anchor text offers huge contributions to your search engine ranking. This is because search engines regularly monitor it. Every time you get linked from another website, they will take note of the anchor text of that specific link. So whenever a user makes a query and writes words or phrases that refer to your anchor text, your site may possibly appear in the ranking.

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