How to Generate Traffic from Facebook Page

Facebook was first enjoyed by individuals who liked to connect with friends. Now, it has become the second home of organizations, especially those that operate businesses online. They recognize its value to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as it contributes to improving their search engine ranking. As they sign up for a Facebook Page, they get to know their recent customers and they get the chance to increase their client base. This is because they are able to promote their products and services through this page. More importantly, they are able to build a strong connection with their prospective customers.

But then again, you will have to carry out some techniques to become successful like these online businesses. Yes, it takes strategies to make the most of your Facebook Page. Check these:

Think of a name for your Facebook Page

Make sure that it does not sound spammy or else, people will evade your account. Worse, they will hide your posts or updates. In addition, do not make your page title so generic or Facebook will not be able to characterize your business. It may not post updates from your page as well. So what is the best thing to do? Stick to the name of your company. Never dare to change it or you reduce your chance to SEO.

Keywords and keyword phrases

As you paste your content in the “About” and “Info” tabs of your Facebook Page, you have to see to it that it is rich with keywords and keyword phrases. This is the best way to optimise your page. It is unlikely for Facebook users to read them but at least search engine spiders will.

Of course, search engines will not be able to crawl on your images because they are not optimised. However, what you do is to insert a caption. This will give your image the chance to be indexed.

Post videos and include keywords or keyword phrases in the title

This is what search engines read. In fact, they give more value to video titles. For example: “The staff of DGD during Home Repair Service Project”.

Privacy settings

Privacy settings allow individuals who wish to protect their identities online to restrict people’s access. However, this should not be the case with your Facebook page. You have to allow people to enter your page.


You should also take advantage of the vanity URL, where you can basically change the URL with your company name. If it makes sense, consider including your keywords in the URL. This will make it easy for search engines as well as for customers to find you.

Turning to “Static FBML” boxes

This can also aid you in posting lengthy content. Facebook allows you to create additional boxes or tabs, where you can enjoy less ‘censorship’. Through these, you can discuss any subject matter. You can also include images and more importantly, hyperlinks. These may considerably increase your page rank.


Know that if your Facebook post contains an image, there is a much higher chance of engagement. If you want to get more likes, comments, click-throughs and shares, you want to have prominent images on most of your posts. Make the image large and relatable, choose one that really grabs people’s attention, while still being connected to the content of the post. Find a high-quality eye-catching picture that reflects your Facebook Page’s style.

If you’re looking for something subdued and elegant, then you don’t want an image that clashes and screams at a user’s face. On the other hand, pastel colours with a boring picture will not be a good match if your page is about, for example, adrenaline-raising sports.

Ask a question

Another excellent way to generate traffic from a Facebook page is by asking a question. Make it relevant to your business and to your post. Create some space for people to share their thoughts and ideas. Either that or even just set it up as a small quiz.

Allow people to have a debate, to hold a conversation about a certain subject. This can attract people to your page, get them talking about your business and page, and may get you more leads and work.

Set up a contest

Set up a contest, either on your blog or on your website. Create some kind of interactive content, something people can really get involved in. If you allow people to engage, you will be able to drive more views and more engagement.

You can encourage people to share some of their own artwork or content in the comments section. Perhaps just describing a fun or funny situation when they were using your products or your services. The best story or piece of artwork will get a reward, like free merch, or some other goodies.

Connect and communicate with other Facebook pages

Share each other’s content. Contact other big Facebook pages, see what they have to offer. Of course, contact those that are similar to yours in terms of content and topics (but be certain they’re not a competitor). Share their stuff, have them share yours.

You will get an overlap of visitors, who will then visit both sites. They will definitely appreciate the extra information they’re getting, while you two are getting extra visitors and greater reach.

Try to be consistent when posting content on your page

Post multiple times per day, always at the same time, if possible. However, never sacrifice quality for quantity. This builds a relationship between you and your audience and gives multiple opportunities to interact with them on a daily basis.

Use the tools you have at your disposal

Things like page insights, analytics, all these systems can help you plan everything out better. You can get information on your visitors, and figure out how best to approach and handle them. For example, you can use Page Insights to figure out that most of your visitors are the most active between 1 and 5 pm. That is the time where you should post your best, most effective content.

Most people today are Facebook users. Therefore, it should not surprise you that the battleground for online businesses is also here. It promises wider (if not maximum) visibility to your target market. It lets you promote your business with ease. Search engine spiders frequent it. More importantly, users can now search for companies that offer the products or services that they need through Facebook’s own search bar. And that is another great way for your customers to find you.

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How to Generate Traffic from Facebook Page

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