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The Four-Step Process of PPC Ads



Well-selected keywords are of utmost importance in pay-per-click ads. As a prerequisite to success in PPC campaigns, they need to be entirely relevant in the sense of presenting precisely what you are offering your potential customers. Therefore, words with broader or vague meaning should be avoided in favour or more specific, long-tail keywords. Moreover, your keywords should not be overly competitive: if there are millions of bidders on a particular keyword, it becomes extremely difficult to reach higher rankings. Allow our GWM team of experts to get to know your brand and needs, and tailor keywords for you that will hit the bull’s eye.


Landing page creation is the second step in your PPC journey, ensuring your customers are introduced to a good user experience they will eventually start associating with your brand. Landing pages are the online space where customers can find the information and solutions they need, as well as the answers to questions they may have about your service or product. GWM specialists build landing pages that focus on previously chosen keywords, thereby achieving better results in attracting Internet users. An effective PPC ad will not lead customers to a brand’s website’s home page as it triggers an underwhelming user experience.


Once we have settled on a range of keywords and created landing pages, we move on to writing ads for your products or services. A PPC ad requires two crucial things: it needs to contain a headline and to call Internet users to action. Your chosen keywords are most often left in bold in order to draw potential customers’ attention, and are part of the ad headline. The headline can, if necessary, also contain other relevant information. The second PPC-ad element aims at motivating Internet users to ‘act’: to contact the given company, make a purchase, become a subscriber, etc.


Among the main reasons PPC campaigns are in such high demand is the transparency of the achieved progress. Keeping track of the results can be done through viewing the metrics: the number of times visitors left the landing page without any activity other than browsing (bounce rate), how many times your ad has been seen (impression rates), the number of clicks it gained (also known as CTR), and other feedback. Those statistics can then be used to further improve your PPC campaign by pinpointing any previous omissions or drawbacks. Lastly, the results of PPC ads are directly visible through increased purchase rates.

Google Adwords

Well help you reconnect with users who have landed on your website once, but have missed out on the opportunity to engage with you. Also, a remarketing campaign will help you revitalise relationships with some of your old customers. With our help, yoil know who to get in touch with without wasting any resources.

Facebook ADS

Well help you reconnect with users who have landed on your website once, but have missed out on the opportunity to engage with you. Also, a remarketing campaign will help you revitalise relationships with some of your old customers. With our help, yoil know who to get in touch with without wasting any resources.

Remarketing Services

Well help you reconnect with users who have landed on your website once, but have missed out on the opportunity to engage with you. Also, a remarketing campaign will help you revitalise relationships with some of your old customers. With our help, yoil know who to get in touch with without wasting any resources.

PPC Audit

Well help you reconnect with users who have landed on your website once, but have missed out on the opportunity to engage with you. Also, a remarketing campaign will help you revitalise relationships with some of your old customers. With our help, yoil know who to get in touch with without wasting any resources.

Some of our clients

If you choose to collaborate with us, you can rest assured you will be in good company - check out some of the brands that we work with.

GWM SEO Partner: Lavazza
GWM SEO Partner: Bluepod
GWM SEO Partner: Bicycles Online
GWM SEO Partner: Chatime
GWM SEO Partner: DW Advisory
GWM SEO Partner: CW
GWM SEO Partner: Caredent
GWM SEO Partner: Bluepod
GWM SEO Partner: AS
GWM SEO Partner: PersonalDigital
GWM SEO Partner: Portcullis
GWM SEO Partner: Maxi Cosi
GWM SEO Partner: Omnyfy
GWM SEO Partner: Labdirect

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Why Choose Green Web Marketing

We represent your one stop shop for all your digital marketing needs

You might have arrived here due to your landing page design needs, but our collaboration does not have to end. We are at your disposal at all times to help you maintain the page, but that’s not all.

Namely, after we come up with the best solution for the website landing page design, we can help you promote it and place it in front of the right people who are bound to convert.

Green Web Marketing is a Sydney digital marketing agency which provides all-encompassing online marketing services. We can either sit together and come up with the most optimal promotion strategy, or you can leave that part to us.

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Landing Page creation

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Fraud detection

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Conversion tracking

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Best Landing Page Design in Sydney


In order to guarantee conversion boost, Green Web Marketing team ensures we cover all the most essential elements of a landing page design to ensure it is optimised in accordance with the latest search engine, AdWords, and user standards.

Each and every landing page that we design is:

  • Fully responsive
  • Keyword optimised
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Scalable


We focus on generating more qualified leads by creating appealing and engaging landing pages. We make sure they are intuitive, easy to read and comprehend, thus inspiring your visitors to become one of your long-time customers. We make sure the landing page leaves a lasting impression and make your potential customers fall in love with your products or services at first glance.


We plan the architecture in advance, from URLs to sitemaps, all to ensure the final landing page design is SEO friendly and positions high in search results. The content we create is relevant and credible by search engines. CTA is impactful, so that visitors don’t think twice before taking the desired action. Finally, the overall layout is user friendly, allowing website visitors to navigate easily and find the information they seek for in no time.

Success stories

Ben Kierath

CEO & Founder of Hoselink & True Protein

"GWM has a genuine passion for you to succeed"

Ben Kierath chose Green Web Marketing for two of his businesses, Hoselink and True Protein. In the video, Ben explains the service he received as well as some extraordinary results.


CEO & Founder of Total Appliance Repair Centre

"Within a Short Period of Time We Had 18 Keywords on Page #1"

GWM team is outstanding. Within a short period of time, we have 18 keywords on Page #1 of Google which is an outstanding results and good return on investment.

Scott Epp

CEO & Founder of Breakthrough Corporate Training

"We Achieved Both the #1 and #2 Google Ranking for Our Key Search Term"

The talented people at GWM ranked our website on Page #1 of Google for some of our main keywords such as 'Corporate Training Sydney' in only two months.

GWM is Australia's most effective digital marketing agency

We are not only the leading SEO agency in Australia. With 40 plus digital marketing specialists and engineers, we can offer a complete digital marketing solution. Our sole focus is on helping to grow your business and provide an unrivalled level of service.

Seo Marketing

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Content Creation

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Web Design & Development

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Client Testimonials

At the end of the day, we take great satisfaction in knowing we’ve done a great job and that we’ve helped another client take their business to the next level. And due to a strong and long-lasting relationship we build with each and every one of our clients, they were more than happy to tell you all about their experience with Green Web Marketing. Take a few moments of your time to go through our client testimonials and see for yourself just how powerful our team is and how much we are prepared to do for you and your business to grow.

Ben Kierath

CEO & Founder of Hoselink & True Protein

There are a million things I could say about GWM. They have a very strong understanding of best current practices with a genuine passion for you to succeed.

Scott Epp

CEO & Founder of Breakthrough Corporate Training

The talented people at GWM Ranked our website on Page #1 of Google for our main keywords such as ‘Corporate Training’ in only two months.


CEO & Founder of Total Appliance Repair Centre

GWM team is outstanding. Within a short period of time, we have 18 keywords on Page #1 of Google which is an outstanding result and good return on investment.

Our Design Portfolio

Your SEO and digital marketing efforts can be wasted without the right website design. We provide unrivalled value for money with our website design, landing page, and ads banners design for your Google Ads campaigns. Combining our expertise in SEO and responsive websites designed to enhance your brand and encourage customer activation.

Green Web Marketing SEO experts pride themselves in their rich portfolio of satisfied clients - take a look at some of the work we’ve done for them and see just how much of an impact a strategically conducted digital marketing campaign can have on business success.

Case studies

Over the years we’ve managed to help a number of small businesses and leading brands thrive. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Below you’ll find several digital marketing case studies that contain the data that clearly shows the results of the strategies we’ve designed for some of our previous (and current) clients.Check them out and see just how great of an impact we can make with deliberate planning and careful execution.

40,000 MONTH





1st Page Rankings

Bicycles Online


Bicycles Online are an Australian owned, online specialty retailer of road bikes, mountain bikes, parts, accessories, and clothing. They deliver the personalized service of the best local shops, but with a dynamic, interactive experience only possible on the web — specially designed to make you knowledgeable and confident about every product they sell.

40,000 MONTH



Conversion Rate


1st Page Rankings

True Protein


True Protein is the most reliable and revolutionary provider of protein supplements in Australia. Their mission is to change the way people feel about protein by delivering 100% natural and quality products that come with a fully transparent ingredient list. True Protein lacks additives, artificial flavours, sugars and fillers - their supplements are praised for great taste and the health benefits that come without any side effects.

47% MORE

Organic Sessions

40% MORE



1st Page Rankings

Sydney College of English


Sydney College of English is the longest-running independently owned English language colleges in Sydney. It is recognised on a global level for its excellence and the success of its students. SCE has more than 30 years of standing reputation in education and represents the first NEAS accredited school in Australia.

72000+ MONTH



Conversion Rate


1st Page Rankings

My Muscle Chef


My Muscle Chef is Australia's best ready meals delivery service. Whatever your workout goal is, My Muscle Chef has you covered. Their protein meals can help you build muscle, grow performance and take control over your diet.


1st Page Rankings

274% Growth

Organic Sessions

14.4% Monthly

PPC Conversion Rate


seo & ppc

PROVIDER Plus offers individuals and businesses of all sizes NDIS approval quickly and seamlessly. Its team of professional consultants is carefully selected based on their background in Policy, Compliance, and Audit, to ensure they can deliver the highest quality services to clients from a diverse range of industries.


1st Page Keywords

50% Increase

Online visibility

160% Increase

Organic Traffic



PhotoBoothMe is Sydney’s most creative event solutions company. They deliver premier photography services bound to capture the attention and hearts of clients who are looking for creative entertainment for their special event. Owing to their rich offer, high-quality photographs and captivating prints, they became a leading solution provider for all types of celebrations.


Page 1 Rankings

137% Increase

Organic Traffic

7.75% Monthly

Organic Conversion Rate



Hoselink is Australia’s #1 gardening supplies company. They are 100% Australian owned and operated and are devoted to delivering unmatched watering equipment to their clients Sydney-wide. Operating for 20 years, they managed to grow their customer base and establish long-term relationships with each one of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide recommendations and references for your services?

Absolutely! Our years of professional experience and dedication to our clients have helped us create great relationships with numerous brands! Since they were more than satisfied with our services, they provided us with excellent references-you can find examples of our work on our website.

How do I know what kind of PPC advertising I need?

If you are not sure about your next advertising step, feel free to contact us for reliable advice. GWM specialists will get acquainted with your business and your website, and suggest the kind of advertising they estimate will be the best investment for you.

My PPC campaign budget is limited. Are you still able to help me?

We are more than happy to! We see potential in every business vision and endeavour, therefore we strive to assist our clients the best way we can. Together we can settle on an arrangement that will allow your brand to grow and gain more customers and fans, as well as eventually boost your PPC budget. Once we have earned your trust and your budget increases thanks to our PPC-ad experts, you can also consider a long-term cooperation with GWM, as well as other services we have to offer.

Why should I invest in PPC advertising?

This is advisable for multiple reasons. PPC ads are primarily budget-friendly, they produce measurable results which can be seen after very short periods after advertising initiation, they remain unaffected by the unyielding algorithmic alterations in search engines, and they draw organic traffic to your website. Moreover, they allow you to stand out among countless competitors and further develop your brand’s reputation.

What does PPC advertising imply?

The purpose of pay-per-click ads is to help a business attract more visitors to its website, which leads to better brand recognition and more purchases. The publisher of these ‘sponsored ads’ receives payment from you for every time an Internet user clicks on your ad. When you invest in PPC campaigns, your ads appear right next to organic results of a search (underneath, beside, or above them), thereby attracting more attention.

What kinds of businesses do you generally work with?

Though we largely assist small businesses in reaching their goals, we do work with firms and businesses of different sizes. So, whether you have a startup, a small business, or an entire enterprise, you are more than welcome to request our PPC services.

Does the structure of my PPC ads matter?

It goes without saying that the information your ad contains is highly significant. You want the given text to encourage a growing number of Internet users to visit your brand’s website.

What information should be included in my advert?

You can learn more about the creation and structure of a PPC ad by checking out the ‘Four-Step Process’ segment of this page.

How long will it take for the results of my PPC campaign to become visible?

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of PPC ads is that the results become visible within a short period of time. Already the first week of the campaign, GWM experts and their clients are able to determine the ads’ efficiency, and pinpoint their biggest strengths or possible room for improvement.

I have already tried PPC advertising, but without much success. Is it recommendable for me to try again and could I achieve a different effect this time?

A well-planned PPC campaign will produce desirable results. If your previous experience was a letdown, the reasons must be associated either with the way that campaign was structured and executed, or with poorly selected keywords. The silver lining here is that we can use past omissions and oversights to see why it failed you and suggest any necessary improvements and changes to help you fully materialize your potential.

I have a PPC campaign currently in execution. Will you be able to take over or do I need to start from scratch?

Yes, we can continue an ongoing campaign. However, it is important to mention that once we have carefully analysed its setup, certain parts of its structure may have to be subject to change as we want the campaign to achieve the best effect possible. Naturally, you will be informed of all the alterations ahead.

Will I be contractually obliged to keep working with you if I am unsatisfied with campaign results?

Our contract does not impose such expectations or obligations onto our clients. Though we are always thrilled to establish long-term cooperation, if you do not think our PPC campaign is headed in the direction you have envisioned, you can back out at any point.

Are PPC ads the right choice for my business?

Our professional experience has shown us that PPC advertising campaigns are in the largest majority of cases highly beneficial to those who turn to them, regardless of the business area or industry in question. If what you are offering Internet users is likely to spark interest or curiosity in one way or another, it is also extremely likely that PPC ads are the right choice for your brand.

How much will a single click cost me?

Your cost per click will vary depending on a number of factors, such as your budget, your business sector, even the chosen keywords. The competitiveness of your keyword also affects the CPC rate, as well as your location. CPC can go from as low as 0.01$ to as high as several (tens of) dollars. It goes without saying that our primary intention is to get you as much as possible for as little as possible, and the determined cost-per-click will be both budget-friendly and convenient to you.

Is my CPC (cost per click) going to increase?

CPC increases are not fully predictable, since there are external factors and circumstances outside our control that can force your cost-per-click to shift to a certain extent. One such meddler is our clients’ competition. We must mention, though, that the usual scenario is a decrease in costs (not the other way around), because we keep perfecting your PPC campaign.

What will happen when my daily budget has run out?

When your daily budget reaches zero, your ads can no longer be presented to Internet users until the beginning of the next day. In other words, you have to wait until your next daily budget starts being spent, which is when your ads will reappear.

Is my campaign budget paid to you?

The service fee and the advertising budget are two different things. While the service fee is paid to us, your campaign budget goes directly to the PPC advertising networks. Also, any PPC accounts created in the process will carry your name and contact information, not ours, so you as the client can have full control over it in case you opt out of our PPC services.

Is the increase/decrease of your service fee tied to the increase/decrease of my advertising budget?

This is not our general practice or how we maintain business with clients. If you decide to lower or increase your PPC budget, it will not affect our service fee. We invest an equal amount of effort into small-budget and big-budget campaigns, so our rate is the same.

What will I be able to learn from your monthly report?

The monthly report we provide you with contains all the progress and budget-related information. You become acquainted with the success rate of the ongoing campaign, such as the position, the number of times your ad has come up in the search results and been viewed, how many clicks it obtained, the CPC rate, etc. If there is a particular piece of information you want specially elaborated in your report, let us know and we will undoubtedly take it into account while creating it.

Will you take into account my opinions and preferences in the development and execution of my PPC-ad campaign?

Yes, we do take into account your opinions on the matter. We consult our clients throughout the process in order to come up with a campaign which will both reflect your vision and implement our expertise and professionalism.


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