We feel sorry for anyone trying to select a digital agency for their business. How could you possibly decipher all the information and promises out there? The industry is crammed with so much data, graphs, reports, blogs, seminars, articles and magic tricks. It must be totally overwhelming for someone trying to find the right supplier. Meta tags, alt tags, algorithms, blogs, podcasts, content indexing, CPC, SEO, CTA, PBNs, CTR, SERPs, Analytics, 404 error codes and the list goes on.

If you’re new to using digital marketing in your business, then it must feel awfully daunting. You know that your business needs to get into the digital and search engine space because many of your competitors are already there, but how on earth do you know where to spend the money, let alone selecting a digital agency to work with.

On the other hand, if you’re one of the many businesses that have been badly burnt by a previous SEO supplier, then we can empathise with your scepticism towards the outrageous promises made by many agencies. At GWM, we like to let our results do the talking. We have no lock-in contracts, cancellation fees or minimum notice periods, just a guarantee that we will keep on working, for free if necessary, to deliver on our promises.

Even the most resourced agencies have a lot to keep up with when you consider there are 200 ranking factors outlined by Google. Yes, two hundred and with algorithms being updated daily, not even Sergey Brin (the Google God) could possibly understand every SEO trick.

There are many digital agencies that will charge a fortune for their services with the promise of transforming your business. Many of these agencies may deliver on these promises and generate great leads for your business. However, we implore you to do your own homework and ask what you get for your hard-earned money.

So, what are the issues to be aware of when assessing
a digital agency?

First Page Guarantee Scam

We regularly meet customers who have been burned by this experience. ‘SEO cowboys’ promise to get you ranked for longtail keywords that have no search volume and are easy to get ranked for.
You will soon realise, these rankings will not bring you or your business any real value as no one is searching for those keywords. This type of scam often comes with a lock-in contract.

Lock in Contract Scam

This should be a red flag. Our philosophy at GWM is that the quality of our service should speak for itself. We believe that if a company is confident in the SEO services they provide and the type of results they achieve, there is simply no need for a lock-in contract.

They Don’t Take Their Own Medicine

They provide SEO services, but their own website is not ranking for any main keywords such as ‘SEO Sydney’ (if they’re located in Sydney) and similar keywords. Instead, these agencies rely on Google Ads to sell you their SEO Services. This should be a red flag.

Their Own Website Has No Backlinks

High authority backlinks play an important role in Google ranking, yet this is one of the harder ways to build your Google rankings due to the amount of work required. A simple check for you is to check the number of referring domains of an SEO agency before you hire them. If the number is under 300, it means that they’re not strong in this area, they don’t have the setup for creating quality backlinks and they most probably can’t deliver value to you. Download ‘Majestic’ Chrome extension to see the backlinks profile of a website.

Click here for more information: Download Majestic Chrome Extension

They Are Not Transparent About Their Service

Many SEO providers won’t provide full transparency about the techniques they use and which factors they consider to be the main ranking factors. This is usually an attempt to hide the fact that they don't have the resources available to build quality backlinks. We provide a dashboard of SEO progress for each of our customers so they can see up to the minute the work we are doing for them.


TOPSEOs is a scam company that ranks SEO companies only based on the money they pay TOPSEOs on a monthly basis. In fact, you should also be very cynical about customer reviews in Google Reviews, as these are also often manipulated by some agencies to show only 5-star customer reviews.

What to ask your digital agency

We encourage you to do your homework and speak to a few agencies and get some quotes. Forget all of the promises you were made, once you’re locked into that contract, it means nothing. These are important questions to ask any digital marketing agency…

  • The number of keywords that will be optimised
  • The amount of quality content (words) to be created on a monthly basis
  • The number of high-quality backlinks from high authority sites on a monthly basis
  • Inclusion of local citations
  • Inclusion of a technical audit of your current site
  • Inclusion of link analysis and disavow
  • Inclusion of Keyword research, mapping and distribution based on the target market, competitor site analysis.
  • Inclusion of Google My Business Page Optimisation
  • Inclusion of monthly Reporting Dashboard

And yep you guessed it, all of the above is included in the GWM most basic SEO packages.

Success stories

ben gwm seo success video

Ben Kierath

CEO and Founder of Hoselink & True Protein

"GWM has a genuine passion for you to succeed"

Ben Kierath chose Green Web Marketing for two of his businesses, Hoselink and True Protein. In the video, Ben explains the service he received as well as some extraordinary results.

ziad testimonial


CEO and Founder of Total Appliance Repair Centre

"Within a Short Period of Time We Had 18 Keywords on Page #1"

GWM team is outstanding. Within a short period of time, we have 18 keywords on Page #1 of Google which is an outstanding results and good return on investment.

scott testimonial

Scott Epp

CEO and Founder of Breakthrough Corporate Training

"We Achieved Both the #1 and #2 Google Ranking for Our Key Search Term"

The talented people at GWM ranked our website on Page #1 of Google for some of our main keywords such as 'Corporate Training Sydney' in only two months.

Don't settle for average let us get you more leads!

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