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About the Client

Chatime is among the fastest-growing tea franchises in Australia. Their mission is to brew only the best possible iced teas and offer their growing range of products to a wider population. Australians can taste one of many different flavor combinations at 120 ChatimeT-Breweries across the country. Chatime teas will change the way you think about your daily cup of bliss.

About the campaign

Together with Chatime™, we’ve set up a personalized SEO and Google Ads campaigns. The main goal was to disrupt the Australian freshly brewed iced tea and franchise market in the long-run. With the primary campaign goals in mind, we’ve invested our time and efforts into the following:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Maximize revenue from PPC campaign
  • Increase organic reach


With that in mind, our team formed a unique strategy that was based on initial on-page adjustments with a broader influence of link building as well as a unique optimization strategy that would focus on Tea franchise and Bubble-tea franchise keywords and ads. Furthermore, we’ve developed a strategy for a more direct approach via an E-mail campaign, which gave excellent results.

Keyword analysis (SEO)

An effective SEO campaign starts with in-depth keyword analysis, research, and mapping of terms relevant to Chatime campaign goals. These goals are always specific and tailored to suit the client’s initial input. After our original analysis and the client’s input, we’ve managed to shortlist the set of keywords that we want to rank for and focus upon with our off-page SEO effort (link building). The initial on-page setup helps boost rankings in most cases, depending on the competition in the industry.

Link building

It was decided that the core task of the Chatime SEO campaign will be placed upon link building efforts and results. An effective link building campaign provides tangible results over time and results in an increase in domain rating and ranking of the client’s domain. To achieve this boost, we decided to build links on prominent websites with good authority and audience. Link building efforts also deliver an increase in brand awareness as well through referrals and evergreen content pieces.

Keyword analysis (PPC)

We ran an in-depth keywords analysis for the terms that the client wanted to rank for. We kept in mind that Chatime’s brand should come up for more generic ice-tea related enquiries, as well as for the ones mentioning specific ice-tea kinds. Furthermore, it was essential to keep the ads from appearing for ice-tea sales search terms, having in mind that franchise-related keywords were the main goal.

Ads campaign structure

Our starting point was to divide search campaigns per location and the ad groups per keyword type. In addition, we have created one Gmail campaign with specific audience targeting. All ads led to the client's website with a call-to-action ‘Become a Chatime Franchise’.


We made sure that each ad group had at least two active expanded text ads, and responsive ads. When writing the ad copy, we made sure that it is relevant, highlights what makes Chatime stand out in comparison to their competitors and has a clear call-to-action. Proper capitalization, punctuations, etc. are also an essential part of our ad copies.

Reporting and monitoring

To understand if the SEO and Google Ads efforts are working, we closely monitor the results. As with any other client or campaign, we observe and analyze every step of the campaign. Our main goal is to deliver promised results so we streamline everything towards delivery. With the help of an interactive reporting dashboard, the results are easy to understand and our clients can check up on their progress any time.


50 contextual online mentions



Over 75,000 clicks



More than 40 keywords rank on position #1 of Google



Over 1.500 conversions



More than 150 backlinks created



2% Conversion rate


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