Link Exchange: To Do or Not to Do?

An added approach to link building is engaging in link exchange. It simply means “I’ll allow you to create backlinks in my website if you will agree to do the same for me.” If you are in dire need of building links to websites other than article and PR directories, you will definitely bite this proposal. But, if you are a business-minded person, you will mull over several factors before giving in.

Link exchange can be beneficial to you in terms of increasing your page ranking because Google and other search engines frequently read and index backlinks. But do not agree to any offer that comes your way. You have to weigh various aspects that will create impact – good and bad – to your SEO campaign.

Is the website worth the link exchange?

Is the website related to what you offer? Does it carry your targeted traffic? Do they frequent search engine results pages? Is the content written with high quality, in terms of grammar and information? Yes, this may give you a lot of work but you have to guarantee that you will not waste all the efforts that you have put into your own site by inking a so-so partnership. Finally, you have to know if the site carries a nofollow attribute. Do not be tricked. Why will you agree to a link exchange if it does not allow exchange of links in the first place?

Are you willing to make a strict monitoring of your backlinks in the other website?

Your ‘partner’ may remove your backlinks without your knowledge. If he does, you are definitely at the losing end. But to make sure that this will never happen, you can make a strict monitoring. Can you afford to waste your precious time for this? Is the website worth the effort? Do not allow people to do this cheap ploy on you.

You have no control on which keywords they will use for the anchor text.

You cannot just command the webmaster to seek your approval prior to the placement of the anchor text that will link to your site. You are not his boss. He will not care too much about it because it is not his territory. Unlike in your own site, you have full control of your keywords and keyword phrases, which you can use for the anchor text. But if you insist on agreeing to link exchange all because it is one of the most credible websites in the world or at least in your state, clear this issue and make sure that you can have a say on the keywords for anchor text – if it is possible.

Will it increase the voting power of the backlink or will it do otherwise?

The reciprocate link may not be solely yours. It may have been offered to hundreds of other sites. Therefore, the voting power of the backlink has definitely been reduced. They get the bigger and the most delicious part of the pie. While you? You stay at the losing end.

Most Internet marketers do not agree to link exchange. More often than not, the partnership is not well reciprocated. Others benefit from the link building agreement more than they do. Hence, it is better if you work on your own. Plus, considering the discussion above, will you want to be at the disadvantage?

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