How to Submit to PR Directories

Off-site SEO is about backlinking. Effective backlinking requires that you submit content to article directories. However, this is not all about it. There are also other listings where you can place your links. This includes Press Release or PR directories.

Submission to PR directories works the same with article directories. There are only differences that you have to keep in mind when writing press releases for SEO:


Make your title persuasive enough to make site visitors read your press release. For the sake of capturing the attention of search engines, do not forget to incorporate the keyword phrase in the title.


In your PR, you will need to have two to three sentences for a summary. Include your secondary keywords here.

Style of writing

PR writing is not the same as article writing. It must be written in news form. You have to answer these basic questions before you can compose one: who, what, when, where, why and how. After answering these questions, you can then form them into paragraphs. You can also include other information that you think will be of help to your PR story.

Make your write up compelling enough to grow the interest of the readers, who happens to be included in your prospective market. Write in the third person and include one to two quotations from the person or people in authority. More importantly, insert three to four keywords or keyword phrases in the body. This will help you optimize your press release.

About the Company

At the end of the press release, you are given the freedom to tell something about your company. Grab this chance. In two to three sentences, inform the readers about your company and what you wish to offer them and how it will benefit them. Certainly, you have to include a backlink.

Contact Information

PR directories will not accept your story if you will not include contact information. This is very important. If you are the owner and you are also optimizing your name because you want to be associated with your company, designate yourself as the contact person. Contact information includes name, email, phone and website.


Keep your paragraphs short. Make your whole content concise. Write only from 300 to 500 words. Do not go more than that or else, it is not a press release anymore. There is also a tendency that site visitors will not read it.


Time is of importance in press releases. Your story must be timely to deserve a space in PR directories.

What If You Have No News to Write?

You may be thinking: What news should I write for my company if I am only offering home repair services? Make news then. Launch a project that will offer free home repair service to a lucky winner (if you can afford this). Partner with a charity project or start a charity project that will help people who are in dire need of home repair. Interview a person that is in authority. You see, it is about having the nose for news.

Keyword Insertion

It’s important that you know what kind of keywords you want in your press release. Writers often use Google Keyword Planner in order to pick out the right ones. For a press release, you will want to pick out commonly searched keywords that will help rank your content. Whether you want to use short-tailed or long-tailed keywords is up to you.

Make sure you do not trigger a Google penalty with your choices. Using certain keywords too frequently in your press release could lead to lower rankings in the search engine. If you absolutely need to include many keywords, opt for using LSI keywords instead. These are similar to your main keyword, but they are varied enough that their users won’t trigger Google search penalties. Use an LSI graph in order to pick out those kinds of keywords.


Because this is a press release, you should avoid asking questions. Deliver your message in a clear and concise way without leaving any room for free interpretation. Your target audience wants to be informed about your company and its products. They don’t want to think of solutions to your questions.

No-Follow Links

The content and links that are contained within your press release might trigger various penalties by Google and its bots. One of your main goals with the press release is getting valuable referral traffic. You achieve this by adding lots of keywords and relevant links throughout the text. Consider making some of those links no-follow links. This way, you’re telling the Google bot not to count them. It’s one of the better ways to avoid Google penalties.


After creating your press release, you will want it to reach as many readers as humanly possible. You won’t achieve this by sending it to every single press release directory out there. It would be much wiser to only send it to the most relevant press platforms. Consider the target audience of your press release and act accordingly.

If you’re aiming for an international audience, local directories might not be suited for your press release. News outlets that keep a watchful eye on your kind of business would be the ideal choice. If your business does online retail then you will want a directory that focuses on e-commerce.


Writing press platforms requires a lot of effort and it might not be suitable for everyone. There is a different tone to the text and it might not match your usual writing style. Writing texts in the style of news is not every writer’s forte. However, it’s not uncommon for businesses to outsource this process to a writing company. There are many services out there that will cater to your specific writing needs.

Variety in Writing

If editors constantly receive the same kind of content from your business, they won’t hesitate to consider it a form of spam. Make sure that your press releases are interesting and varied when you write them. Don’t overuse the same topic.

Submitting short news stories to PR directories will give your company the opportunity to gather backlinks from credible websites. This helps improve your search engine ranking. This also increases your visibility to search engines. Aside from this, you also get media exposure for free.

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