Why Use Description Meta Tag?

description detail imageDescription meta tag, as the term suggests, offers explanation about the whole content of the page. It is similar to a page title, but it can contain more characters. In fact, you can write two sentences or a short paragraph for your meta tag. It is included in the <head> tag of the html code:


<title>Cheap Digital Camera Buying Guide – Your Company Name Here<title>

<meta name=“description=” content=“When buying cheap digital camera, you do not just dive into the lowest item that you find. You must consider several factors so you still get value for your money”>


When writing description meta tag, avoid using generic descriptions like “This is a page about cheap digital cameras”. Create a more sensible and more attention-grabbing two sentences. More importantly, do not just copy a short paragraph on your content only to stay away from writing.

Another thing that you have to avoid is the use of special characters. There is a chance that your description will not be included in the list of search results. Do not stuff it with keywords either or else, Google will punish you by not including your site in the results pages.

Now, you will ask: Why bother using description meta tag when you already spread your keywords in the page title, content and images? Read further.

Your description meta tag will be your snippet.

As an Internet user searches for “cheap digital camera”, which is fortunately your keyword, search engine robots will start to crawl into the World Wide Web and visit your site. It will read all the information in the web pages. If it finds something relevant to the inquiry of the user, it will include your website in the search results page and will use your meta tag as snippet.

The visit of Internet user to your site highly depends on your meta tag.

The snippet will be read (or scanned) by the user. This is especially if you are so lucky to place in the top spot of the search results. After reading (or scanning) the information, it is only then that the user will decide if he will click on the URL to visit your site – or not. It is for this reason why you need to exert an effort creating your description meta tag.

Will you let search engines choose a snippet for you?

Without a meta tag, search engines will be the one to pick a few sentences in your web page that relate to the inquiry of the user and make it your site’s snippet. If these sentences fail to catch the attention of the searcher, you lose your chance to generate traffic more so to increase your sales.

Another way to make your on-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effective is to use description meta tag. It offers significant contribution in converting visits into sales. It summarizes your content so search robots can easily identify its relevance to the inquiry of the user and include your site in the search results. It does not guarantee higher ranking in search results pages but what it assures is a higher rate of site visitors. Because searchers will easily find your description fit to their inquiry, they will surely click on the URL. However, if you fail to give justice to your meta tag, Google and other search engines may bring you to inappropriate search results.

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