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White Hat SEO Uses Fair and Accepted Rules in Building Traffic

White Hat SEO offers long-term results. It is a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) methodology that is ethical to use by website developers and owners. It may have a goal of improving the search engine ranking of a site to generate traffic and produce sales, but it does not entertain dirty tricks to guarantee these. It follows the fair and accepted rules in traffic building, specifically the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Best of all, it works for the human audience – not only for search engine spiders.

Your Focus is the Content

If you apply White Hat SEO in your campaign, users will not feel disappointed with your content. This is because it is rich in the relevant information. There are keywords, a necessity in optimising your site, but they will hardly notice them because they are only a few. The visitors will also read your content from start to finish because it is interesting enough. And why not, your articles are originals and written by expert SEO writers.

Remember, SEO is important because you want to lead visitors to your site. However, you also want to keep them here, you want to get them to return to your site. For this reason, low-quality content just isn’t going to cut it.


Keywords are one of the most important parts of SEO, if not the most important part. Namely, with keywords and keyphrases you, among other things, try to predict what other people will type into their search engines. This can then lead them to your website, your page, or your blog. You can predict certain phrases and words that may be typed into the engine, and then just place them into your page.

However, if you want to stay a white hat SEO expert, then you should use keywords sparingly, and properly. By this we mean you shouldn’t overstuff your content with keywords, otherwise, you will ruin your content. Furthermore, you will get penalized by Google. Try to put your keywords within the first paragraph of your content, and make it as organic as possible. Remember, it’s not just about SEO, but it’s about people wanting to read your content as well.

Information is One in Thought

Your site has internal links. It is a technique that lets you connect one web page to another. Search engines notice these links easily. They read and check which is the most relevant to a query and index it. If your site will be fortunate, two or more pages will be included in the search engine list. This is how internal links help in improving the popularity of your site. Aside from this, these links give the search engines the impression that the whole content of the entire website is one in thought; hence, they increase the possibility of getting indexed every time a query matches them.

Customize Your Description Meta Tags

Think of Meta descriptions as a short abstract or a synopsis you would find for a book or a movie. Among other things, it’s supposed to attract visitors, it’s supposed to show people what the link has in store for them. Done properly, it can attract a lot of interested parties.

Furthermore, within Meta descriptions, you can put keywords and key phrasesIn description meta tags, you can insert your keyword phrases. More importantly, you can give a summary of your content. These will help search engines understand and find the significance of your content to the information required by users. These will also assist them in locating you easily. These description meta tags, once placed in the search engine results page, will also enable users to read a part of your article.

And while we’re on the subject, later on in this article we will talk more about title tags. For now know that there should be a continued, a connection, between your Meta description and your title tag. It’s best if you use the keyword found in your title tag and place it within your Meta description.

Intelligent Reciprocal Linking is the Key

Another way to make White Hat SEO successful – and ethical – is to build a connection with other sites. Ask them to give you a link back to your site and you will do the same for them. However, you must make sure that this agreement really happens. What you do is to tie a ‘partnership’ with a reputable company and not to anyone that offers you a link exchange. In reciprocal linking, you can be successful but you can also be deceived so be wise.

This should be a simple, organic process. You run a website that has a certain type of content on it, and you want to share this content with other people. If you find other websites, blogs, and pages that deal with similar information, why not add their links to your articles? Your visitors will have access to even more information, information that you may not specialize in. This will give them a more complete picture on a certain subject, and you will get the opportunity to help another website out. Furthermore, they may do the same for you.

Do not Forget the Tags

We already mentioned Meta description tags, but this one is a bit different. There are several tags that you can choose from, all influencing Google’s algorithms. For example, you can have h1, h2, h3, h4…. tags included in your article, and they all have a different meaning. Look at them this way – they area hierarchy of importance. So, you would use your h1 as a title tag, h2 as subheadings, and h3 as titles within your subheadings. It’s essentially like a tree, or rather, its root system.

The obvious advantage of tags is that they organise your article, they give it some structure. However, they also benefit your SEO greatly. Namely, by structuring your content in this manner, you tell search engines what your content deals with. This, in turn, allows the creation of snippets, for example. Or, it allows the algorithms to find your stuff more easily.

Competition is too tough in Internet marketing. This is why some people opt to do dirty tricks only to rank higher in search engine results pages than the others. They build links excessively. They overstuff content with keywords and create doorway pages. However, a good number of companies do not practice this so-called Black Hat SEO. Instead, they prefer White Hat SEO so they perform their business ‘clean’. They also choose this methodology because they also hope to create regular readers or visitors rather than to improve traffic at one time.

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