How to Make Your Content Search Engine Friendly

You just launched your website to help promote your business. Just at the first three months, you already want to convert visits into sales. How is that possible? Primarily, a lot of efforts must be done in your content because it will serve as your gateway toward profitability. What you will do is to make it friendly to search engines through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Aside from using keywords and backlinks, consider these guides:

Post Related and Informative Content

Soon as an individual writes keywords and clicks the “Enter” key to search for specific information, the search engine robots will begin to crawl. It will enter your site, read content and index it in its list of search results – if it finds related information. Otherwise, it will ignore your site.

It is for this reason that you have to make your site loaded with content and your web pages rich in information. Search engines must be able to find something to read and to digest. Now, this process of ‘information digestion’ is another opportunity that you will have to grab.

If robots do not find anything that is related to the inquiry of the Internet user, who is basically a prospective customer, it again leaves you. This is why you have to make sure that you post content that discusses what you sell. If your product is about skincare, post articles about it. To improve your chances of landing in search results, publish product reviews, testimonials (text or video), sales pages and others. Search engines crave for these types of content.

Write for Your Target Market

Who comprises your target market? Are they teenagers? What about stay-at-home moms or career women? Are you targeting men? Write articles, blog posts and others that directly talk to your prospective customers. You will be able to clear yourself with search engines and they will get you to your target market once it searches for websites like yours.

Keep Your Content Updated

Make it a habit to update the company website. If you do not make regular updates on your content, you only give an impression that you neglect your business and your customers, in the same way, that you pay less or no attention to your site. More importantly, search engines will not crawl into your site because they ignore or they give priority to sites that carry updated information.

Get Easy on Your Content

Sometimes, the more you want to share information with your visitors, the more likely that you will confuse them – as well as search engines. This is because, in your attempt to put all the information inside your website, you only clog it with unorganized and unnecessary data. Before placing any information then, take the time to sort each of them out so you only publish what is necessary. Or else, search engines may mistakenly place you in an inappropriate list.

A lot of website owners or developers make a mistake of overusing the term “search engine friendly”. They sacrifice their whole content only to make sure that crawlers will visit and index their site and land them if not in the top spot at least in the first page of the search results.

Include Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are short paragraphs of text (usually between 150 and 170 characters) used to summarize the content of a webpage.  Since search engines display meta descriptions in search results based on the users’ queries, meta descriptions should include target-specific keywords. A relevant and engaging meta description helps both the search engine and your audience understand what your page is about and such, it can significantly increase your conversion rates.

When writing meta descriptions, make sure you use the active voice and emotional trigger words in order to compel your audience to click.  The content of the meta description should closely match the content of your page, but don’t go overboard with keywords and eliminate any unnecessary information. Finally, don’t forget to include a clear call-to-action or offer to boost click-through rates.

Optimise Images

Did you know that online content that contains visuals receives 94% more views than content without images? Humans are hardwired to process images faster than text, which is why visual content plays such an important role in driving traffic to your website. It takes only a fraction of a second for users to form an opinion on your site, and the visual design is often what either builds up or breaks down your online presence.

In order for visual content to works its magic on viewers, all images on your site need to be fully optimised for SEO. This means high-resolution photos in complex file formats should be compressed to a smaller size to speed up load time for your web page. Photos should still be of high quality and uploaded as JPGs or PNGs for maximum efficiency.  All images should have titles and alt-tags with target keywords, while caption should be both searchable and engaging to make you stand out in the search results and get more conversions.

Increase Shareability

Shareability is a non-negotiable aspect of search engine-friendly content. Not only do high share rates improve your website’s ranking, but they can also send your traffic through the roof. It’s simple: the more people see and respond to your content, the greater your chances of making conversions and maintaining a strong online identity.

If you want to make your content more sharable, you first need to know what type of content people share the most. For the majority of social media users, images, GIFS, lists, infographics, videos, hand how-to content are of the highest interest when it comes to their shareability potential.

To increase shareability of your content, aim for a visually-appealing and consistent design and create content that will resonate with your target audience’s core values and interests. Whether we like it not, we are governed by our emotions and we naturally gravitate toward content that triggers an emotional response, so make your content is as inspirational as it is informative.

Remember, stuffing your web pages with keywords is not the best thing to do. You will surely disappoint your visitors and they will leave your site instantly. So what happens now to your goal to sell? You see, you are making your site search engine friendly so you can rank higher in search engine results. But the primary reason that you build your website is for your customers. This is what you have to keep in mind.

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