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Web Design Trends for Dating Websites and Night Clubs

Dating and socialising online is something that people would have found unimaginable just decades before. Nowadays, it’s a booming business with more websites than you can count. People are able to meet friends and potential soul mates without having to leave the comfort of their own home. There’s a lot of fierce competition out there, which is why dating websites are trying to find ways to come out ahead against their contemporaries. High-quality web design is the most potent weapon in their arsenal.

Web design is one-part art and two-parts ingenuity. You need to be able to translate the goals of your service with some good aesthetics and practical choices. To help you achieve this, we’ve created a list of some of the more interesting ways that modern websites are tackling their own web design problems. There are lots of ways to attract new users with good design choices and these are some of the more effective examples.

An inviting nature

When you design a website that specializes in social interactions, it needs to feel extremely inviting. Other web designs can get away with having a cold and bland look to them, but dating websites are special. When you’re looking to expand your business, you probably don’t care what your educational resources look like. However, when it comes to building relationships and creating connections, your look needs to pull clients in.

A night club website can’t be boring and featureless. You’re not trying to bore people to death with your design. The moment someone lays eyes on your website, they need to feel like they have to be there. This means you want pictures and lots of them. Pictures in the heat of the moment would be your best bet.

Capture the moment

When people are at the club, they rarely mind having their picture taken, especially if they’re having a good time. If you can translate this kind of enjoyment onto a photograph, you should put it on the very front page of your website. Try to make it look big and exciting. People want a spectacle when they go out to party.

It has to be a really catchy and in-your-face design. Add some full-screen image sliders to the front page. Turn up the contrast and saturation a little bit to make the colours pop. Clubs are nothing if not the most colourful of places. For some, the strobe lights and smoky effects are extremely important aspects of the club experience, which is why you want to make it stand out.

Practicality and Speed

Dating online isn’t exactly something that is done at a snail’s pace. People want to meet each other and figure out who they would enjoy spending time with. The website should reflect that with its UX. The website doesn’t need a bunch of unnecessary functions that would make it feel cluttered and overdone. Keep the essentials and let the people do the rest.

Site speed often makes a difference

The moment someone decides to visit your website you need to give them a one-way express ticket to meet other people. That means putting the sign-up screen up immediately. They aren’t here for business or research; they want to talk to and chat with other people.

Once they’re past the login screen, you want users to be able to match and chat with each other. Give them the option to pick the attributes of their potential matches. This is where you have all the leeway in the world. You can let them be as specific as possible, or not at all. However, some basic preferences must be available. Things like desired gender, age, and location are aspects that can’t be ignored. You want to help them narrow down the number of people they talk to so that they can get a good match as soon as possible.

Once they’re chatting with someone and making connections, you can call it a job well done. The rest is up to them to figure out. You can be sure that if a couple meets each other on your service, they will recommend it to their close ones for that same purpose.

A catchy name

Dating websites aren’t exactly uncommon nowadays. There are thousands of them out there and they’re all competing with one another to get the most clients. How do you help your own web design stand out? Start with the most obvious choice – the right name. A catchy name can go a long way in most industries, but this is especially true for dating websites.

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You want something that will instantly be associated with matchmaking. To get this association in people’s heads you will need to be clever about coming up with your website name. Tinder, Cupid, and Bumble are short and catchy names for services that have quickly caught on. Their great designs and usefulness propelled them to the top, but a name that sticks probably got them in the game in the first place.

Think of the principles of your website before you start brainstorming a catchy name. What kind of audience do you cater to? Your target demographic is a crucial part of your web design choices. Will the name you come up with resonate with your desired audience? Websites like Christian Mingle are pretty upfront with their beliefs and values. All it took was picking an appropriate name and their clients were already at the doorstep willing to sign up.

Think of all the things that are associated with romance and try to combine one or two words to come up with a good name. You aren’t limited to a dictionary, either. Come up with your own words that you think would be a good pick for a dating website. There’s nothing that can limit you in this endeavour except the limits of your own imagination.

The right kind of presentation

When it comes to dating websites in general, presentation really is everything. You don’t just want to paint a good picture of your website; you want the users to feel like they’re in for something very special when they use your service. It’s not just about your website anymore, they want to get the full experience.

For this, you need to really beef up your design and aesthetic choices. Take some inspiration from well-designed websites like Liaisons, for example. They don’t just provide users with an attractive and practical website; they strive to give them a full romantic experience. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. You have to be clever about the way you present every single aspect of the website.

How would you go about designing a brothel website? The colours have to be bold, but not too flashy to make it look cheap and annoying. A certain air of prestige needs to be created to make clients feel like they’re getting the highest quality service that they can find. The black and gold colours of Liaisons make the website look dark and mysterious, but they also give it a sort of regal touch. On the other hand, the sharp look might also be a bit intimidating for some, but that’s part of the charm of these kinds of websites.

The girls aren’t just on display, because that wouldn’t be very tasteful. Instead, Liaisons gives visitors just a taste of what could be behind the curtains, but not the whole meal. They respect the privacy of the girls while also showing off their great features. Every girl has a description that tells you what she’s like and why you might want to spend time with her.

Client feedback

The only opinion that really matters is that of your clients. They’re the ones that actually use your service and their experiences can help you mould the website into something better. All the resources on the internet won’t do you as much good as customer feedback. If you keep an open ear to their plights and compliments, there’s no doubt that new ideas will surface quickly.

Customer reviews are a major part of your business

A lot of well-designed websites include questionnaires for user feedback every once in a while. This allows you to get some express opinions when people want to share them. Listening to them would be a good move, but try not to take any issues personally.

The feedback doesn’t just have to be oriented towards your business. You can make use of positive experiences and success stories to encourage people to sign up for your service. You can bet that people who’ve met on your website would love to share their story with other potential users. When you can prove the effectiveness of your service on your own front page, people will be even more enthusiastic to sign up for it.


Every website that deals with connecting people need good web design choices in order to work. Dating is an important aspect of life for most people, which is why your website needs to be a high-quality platform in order to attract them. Before you decide to add new elements to your website, take some of these pointers into consideration.

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