SEO and Marketing Tips for Dating Agencies

You can offer the best possible benefits, the strongest functionality, and the most useful dating services online. However, it all won’t matter much if you can’t get your name out there. People need to know you exist, they need to know they can trust you, and they need to know that you offer high-quality services. That’s where marketing and SEO come into play.

Now, marketing in and of itself is pretty clear – you need to get ads, you need to promote yourself, to get out there. SEO, however, is just as important. It can be considered a sub-type of marketing, a vital element of your marketing strategy. In fact, search engine optimisation is a core part of internet advertising. It helps increase the chances of your page or website ending up on the first page of Google when people look for your company.

So, below you can find some tips on how to make the most of your SEO marketing efforts, as well as some general advertising tips that will help you out.

Don’t forget about keywords

As far as SEO itself is concerned, don’t forget about the basics. Yes, blogging, social media, a good message, these are all vital. However, they won’t matter much if you can’t get your search engine optimisation functionalities going. We suggest you really think about using keywords properly.

Namely, figure out what keywords, or rather phrases, most fits your brand. So, this can mean things like “senior dating” or “college student relationships”. Choosing keywords mostly boils down to you trying to guest and predict what people who are searching for your type of service might type into a search engine. Then, it’s up to you to implement these keywords as naturally as possible into your website and content.

Pay-per-click might be a good choice

Pay-per-click advertising is a great marketing tactic that can boost any online business. Essentially, an advertiser (in this case we are talking about you) wants to bid on certain search terms on Google (or other search engines). If you win and outbid your competitors, you will notice an ad that leads directly to your website on either the sidebar of the relevant search engine or right at the very top. So, whenever someone clicks on this top link, you will have to pay the search engine. However, these sponsored links really make you stand out, and will greatly increase the chances of getting yourself out there.

As far as the costs of these are concerned, the average rate is usually 0.2 dollars per click for dating apps and sites. Of course, the issue here is that you need to experiment and see what kinds of ad and keyword gives you the best results. 

Figure out who your audience is

You, of course, need to figure out who your target audience is. Think long and hard about what market you are trying to reach, and how do you intend to reach it. Figure out who these people are, what do they want, and, of course how you can best serve them.

Choosing the right demographic is a fine line between being too specific and too generic. Are you maybe targeting seniors, or do you prefer working with college students? Is it completely open, or is it LGBTQ specific like Planet Romeo? Are you going to be general and open, completely app focused, like Tinder? Do you want to market it to everybody, or would you prefer to have your dating agency cater to busy high-level executives and professionals, like Blue Label Life? Try to imagine what your ideal client looks like, and move towards that. 

Now, this all will be reflected in how you market your company. Your ads will, of course, be different, as will your website and app design. Furthermore, the functionalities of the website will also change based on who you want to target. Do you want to present yourself as classy and professional? Then you want a website that tells a story about your company, one that is all in red, gold, and black (just to give you an example). Targeting college students might require something a bit more vibrant, with extra colour and flash. 

Grow through blogging

Another way you can get out there is through blogging. Namely, consistent blogging leads to serious increases in site visibility and can get you some extra traffic. For example, you can provide people with free dating and life advice through your blog. In this way, you give your audience quality content, as well as just acquiring some extra traffic. Furthermore, blog articles are a perfect location to practice your SEO skills.

Now, you don’t have to just stick to general advice articles. You can also answer user questions, both pertaining to your services, and some general tips. Share your expertise, bond with clients, show them that they can trust you, and communicate. If your blog articles contain calls to action you can expect to get some leads as well.

Use social media

Social media is not just for regular communication. In fact, it is a very powerful advertising tool. With social media, you get a direct line to your customer’s base. Once you have decided who your target audience is (see above), you can use social media platforms efficiently. On one level, you will be easier to find and will be more trustworthy as a company. Facebook, for example, gives you much more flexibility when it comes to photos, posts, and just general information that can be used to advertise your company. However, you also get to talk to people.

Namely, Twitter and Facebook can help you talk to your customers right then and there. Whatever gripes or issues they have, requests and complaints, you are there to respond. You can help out a disgruntled customer, or can further promote yourself and your work. See what your demographic is looking for, figure out what they want, and how they want to have it presented to them. 

On a more visceral level, people will simply see that you exist. In the last decade, if you don’t have a website, you might as well not exist as a business. Nowadays, the same is true for social media pages and platforms. Simply put, having social media pages is becoming a must for your company, not a luxury.

Try to stand out

On that previous note, you want to stand out, to be different than other dating agencies and websites. In other words – try to differentiate yourself from the completion. Now, the best way to do this is, of course, through quality and hard work. But that is, unfortunately, not enough. Taking a niche part of the market and specializing, for example, can do wonders, as can focusing on a specific demographic. However, you should observe your competition as well. See what they are up to, how their websites are set up. There must be a reason why they are so successful, so try to find out their secrets. Check out how they handle their social media, their website, what kind of extra services do they provide…

Analytics are vital

One of the worst things you can do when it comes to your business and when dealing with your website is going in blind. Namely, you have chosen a certain course, you are moving into a specific direction, but you need to be certain that you what you are doing is working. For example, you might have chosen a very specific online marketing system. But, this system can only give you results through conversion in six months. With proper analytics, you can check other data and see how successful this marketing system is (not). Then, you can change things up after three months, instead of six.

Using tools, like Google Analytics, for example, can show you how many visitors are you getting, where are they coming from, how much time do they spend on your webpages, what are they clicking on…. If you notice that the trend they are moving towards is viable, you can then invest even more time, money, and energy into a certain function. 

Think about email and video marketing

With email marketing, you can gain an effective and direct way to follow up with your potential clients, to get in touch with them, and to promote more of your products or services. Of course, the key term here is “following up”. Namely, you need to contact people who have expressed interest in actually listening to what you have to say, and who have a wish to come back to your business. The reason we are emphasising this is that too dating sites spam their users with unwanted emails. This will turn off people who actually do want to hear from you more. So, give them an option, ask them directly whether they want this or not.

As far as video is concerned, a picture is worth a thousand words. So how much does a two-minute video say? By placing a video on your landing pages, and sharing links from your YouTube channel, you can create a stronger impression, and pull more people in. Know that people prefer watching videos on a product or service, as opposed to actually reading about it.


In order to achieve success with your dating agency, you need to get your name out there. Through proper and efficient marketing, you can achieve the conversion and the results you want. Remember to stick to marketing basics, but to also give some credence and energy to search engine optimisation. Figure out who your target audience is, connect with them through social media, and stay on course through analytics software. Invest in email and video marketing, stay patient, and you will definitely see results.

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