Small Businesses Should Take Advantage of Local Search for SEO

local seo imageDo you know why your business is not prospering? Basically, there are two reasons. First, you have no web presence. You are so hard headed that you still believe you do not need it because your business is operating locally. Second, you are not listed in any local search listing.

In these times when Internet eats most of people’s time, you cannot say that you do not need to be on the Internet. You must realize also that you cannot possibly ignore local search. You will be in deep trouble, like you are experiencing now. It offers benefits that your old-style advertising cannot. Here are some of them:

1. It gets you near your potential customers.

Local business listings open a lot of advertising and sales opportunities to small businesses. It brings you near your potential customers by giving you the web presence that you need.

2. Local search is free.

Why spend when you can have your advertisement for free? All you have to do is to enlist your business to Google Places,, Yelp and others. It will not cost you anything like an ad placement will do.

3. Your business exposure over the Internet is continuously increasing.

Because you are listed to almost all local search listings and local maps online, you have no idea on how far they have created awareness about your business. You will be surprised to receive inquiries and quotes (or orders). Through this visibility, your satisfied customers will also be encouraged to write reviews about your products or services. This will then contribute more in improving your web presence, which will subsequently increase traffic for your website.

4. Ninety percent of Internet users go to the Internet to check local businesses.

It is not only the global market that is now on the web. Even the local market is now making its way. It looks for the things it needs over the Internet. If a person wants to hire someone to repair tiles, he looks for information over major search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing. By only typing words or phrases in the browser, he receives a list of businesses in nearby cities or towns in an instant. More importantly, he gets to choose the one that is accessible to him.

5. Local search marketing is the “in” thing.

Traditional advertising is not being useful to some extent now. Today, people have more control of the things they want to know. For instance, television advertising cannot be as effective anymore as some people prefer to watch movies and personal videos over the Internet. And even if they do, they can always change the channel once the advertisement appears.

6. People change the way they make purchases.

Yes, people now purchase online. Using their credit cards, they do not have to leave their homes to buy what they want. In just a few clicks, they have completed their purchase and will wait until it is delivered. Of course, they will prefer to transact business to someone or to a company near them.

Will you allow your business to be left behind? The technology is ever changing. You have to do what most small businesses are doing. Today, local search is something that they give importance to. Hence, you cannot just simply ignore it. In fact, you cannot afford to pay no attention to it because it is where the financial stability of your organization relies.

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