Local Search Marketing: Why It Is Necessary to Your SEO Campaign

gwm seo campain imageSurely, you will ask: Why is local search marketing important to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Will it offer significant contributions to your campaign? If you are one of the business owners who are asking these questions, you will need to read this:

Take a look at the numbers.

According to Nielsen, more than 70% of the people in the United States are online. Per the research of Google, almost the same percentage represents the number of Internet users who rely on the web to search for local businesses. It does not take a genius then to realize that, indeed, carrying out local search marketing is a good opportunity to drive your SEO campaign.

The opportunities are there. You only have to grab them.

The local search listings and local maps are making themselves accessible to local businesses. They are too many, free and they are welcoming everyone to sign up. They group enterprises according to the products and services they offer and according to the city and state they belong. When people look for something, they appear in the list of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. In fact, they are even ranked higher. Hence, local search marketing will allow people to find you and best of all will enable search engine spiders to place your site as one of the top search results.

Tough competition exists. In fact, it always does.

You do not want to be left behind, do you? Everyone in your area is already online. Why stick to your old-fashioned advertising? Tough competition exists in the world of business. However, the toughest competition is over the web. Everyone is now ‘fighting’ for higher ranking in search engines while you… you are still asking yourself if local search marketing is helpful to your SEO campaign. The answer is very clear: You need to be present in the local search to be found and to gain more customers without spending thousands of dollars.

You need new customers.

For your business to grow and become sustainable, you need to attract new customers. However, this is not possible if you will not maximize all the opportunities that are on your way. You have to do something. You need to be where every company is – large or small. It is necessary that you register your business in local maps, such as Google Places, and local search listings, such as CitySearch.com. They are among the best sources because they will lead your target market to your business. More importantly, search engines place these sites on the first page of search results.

Search engines can easily find your website.

This is the most important reason you should incorporate local search marketing in your SEO. Placing your business profile in every local search listing will allow search engines such as Google and Bing to find you easily.

In your journey toward search engine optimization, local search marketing is very important. It will considerably contribute to your visibility in search engines because your data is listed in every local map and local business listing. Make sure, however, that you are consistent with the information that you write in each of them. Or else, people will easily take you out of their list if they find inaccuracies because they will think that you are a scammer.

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