How to Take Advantage of Twitter for Your SEO Campaign

twittetake advantage of twitter logoIt is no doubt that Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites today. In fact, the popularity reaches to the four corners of the globe. For this reason, anyone can say that the general market is here. Now, how do you find your specific market in Twitter? First, you will need to create your own account. Afterwards, you will need to begin optimizing your Twitter so search engines can take notice of your presence and may place you in the highest possible ranking. The items below will give you ideas on how to do it:

1. Think of a username that will help search engines identify you easily.

The username that you will use for your Twitter account is very important in your aim to build people awareness and generate traffic. You have to make sure also that it is easy to remember. Do not make it hard for you to think of one, though. What you do is to choose a username relevant to your company, or products or services that you are trying to promote. This will allow search engines to find and index you easily. The challenge here, though, is to keep it short because you are limited with the number of characters that you can use.

2. Make the most of the “Bio” box for your SEO efforts.

In the “Bio” box, write content similar to your description meta tag. However, this is shorter by 40 characters. Do not forget to include keywords. Remember, this is the one that is constantly indexed by Google and other search engines.

3. Link your website to your Twitter account.

In some of your articles, place an anchor text that will direct customers to your Twitter account. This anchor text should also be your call to action, where you urge your visitors to follow you on Twitter. As you do this, it is as if you are requesting search engines to follow and index this URL as well. Even if you want to post a backlink to your tweet, it will only be a waste of time because Twitter has the “Nofollow” attribute.

4. Make an effort to think of the best or the most strategic words (first two) for your tweets.

Do not begin your tweet with just any word that comes to your mind. Give much thought to your first two words. Yes, it is true that search engines index all the characters in your tweet. But the first two words can highly influence its value to spiders.

5. It should be easy for your followers to retweet your post.

When you write your tweets, you should always think that they will be ‘retweeted’. For this reason, you should limit your tweets to only 120 characters or else.

6. Insert keywords in your tweets.

If you use keywords in your content, you also have to think about inserting keywords or keyword phrases in your tweets. This can possibly receive the attention of search engines, which look for information that relates to the query of users.

Social networking sites are so powerful these days that businesses are also banking on them. Because these are the ‘places’ where they can easily locate their target market, they open their own account and complete tasks to make sure that they take full advantage of these social networks. Among these is the Twitter.

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