What Is On Page SEO?

on page seo imageOn page SEO is optimizing your website such that search engines easily find it when an Internet user searches for information based on certain keywords. These search engines will actually assess your web content to determine if it matches what the user is looking for. Although you might think having a good web design and good content is enough, it’s barely everything you need to reach your market. Of course, these things matter to your site visitors, but before these visitors get to you, you first have to be visible to them. This you can do with on page SEO.

There are many things you can put on your website – images, videos, illustrations and the like – which can add value to your visitors’ experience. However, search engines do not necessarily see this value unless these things come with text. This is because it is through text that the engines recognize what you put on your website. Keywords are, thus, the cornerstone of any successful on page SEO campaign. With the right keywords. your website can easily attract the attention of search engines because they indicate how relevant your site is to a user’s search. Then again, just using keywords is not enough. You also have to put them in the right places, and these are places in your website where search engines look.

The following are basic on page SEO rules you must observe:

● Your main keyword should be in your domain name.

● Use keywords in the URL’s of your web pages.

● Use headers on your web pages, both in the code and the actual copy.

● Keywords must compose 2-4% of your text, but they must sound natural.

● Use keywords on your alt-image tag to tell visitors what the image is, and also in the file title of the image.

● Bold or italicize keywords but only for emphasis.

● Posts should be at least 500 words.

● Put keywords in the first and last sentences of each post.

● Add both internal and external links.

Importance of On Page SEO

It is no secret that good search engine rankings are the best way to get found online, gain customers and expand your subscriber list. Of course, off page optimization also has its merits. But if you want to direct a significant amount traffic to your website, dominating the search engine rankings is key. After all, 85% of Internet users make purchases online, and most buyers find the products and services they want through the search engines. It should be remembered that on page SEO is the foundation of the success of any online marketing campaign. External promotions may actually lead people to a website, but it is still what happens within the website that matters in the end.

However, everything still depends on the SEO company behind your on page promotions. Google, Yahoo and all the other search engines change their algorithms from time to time, and an SEO campaign implemented by a team of non-experts may not be able to keep up with these changes. Thus, it is important that you hire an SEO company that has a proven track record in terms of effective SEO in general. This is to ensure that your online promotions go beyond the basics and are able to adjust to new trends and requirements to ensure positive results.

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