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What is CSS and How it Benefits SEO?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. But even with the disclosure of the full name, you still do not have any idea what it is because you are a newbie in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Generally, CSS is used by web developers so they can manage the style of web pages. In fact, it is the easiest way to perform this task. Using CSS, you can choose the colours for every page and fonts for every article. You can control the layout of the website, the spacing between paragraphs, background images to use and many others. More importantly, it benefits SEO. Read on:

1. CSS Makes You More visible to Search Engines

CSS is the typical technology used in building websites. It has the capacity to separate the whole site structure from the content. For this reason, it does not require search engines to deal with images and layouts as it directs them to the relevant information that they necessitate.

2. CSS Lets You Load Your Page Faster

Using CSS, your page loads quicker. This is because it makes sure that every page becomes lighter in weight. This then helps search engine spiders locate the important data it needs and index it immediately.

3. CSS Makes Your Content Simple to Read and Understand by Crawlers

Robots ignore content that they cannot read. As CSS makes use of the usual HTML tags, like h1, it becomes effortless for them to crawl, read, verify the relevancy, and index content. In fact, these types of tags are the ones they recognize as the location of important web content. This is unlike fancy tags.

4. CSS Eases the Maintenance of the Website

CSS is easy to operate; hence, it becomes easy for any web developer to build websites, as well as maintain or update them. For this reason, you may not tire keeping your site up to date to make certain that search engines will visit your website.

5. CSS Enables You to Arrange Content for Better SEO

With CSS, you can strategically place the most important information and links at the top of the HTML file. This unique approach greatly contributes to your SEO campaign as it locates your keyword-rich links and information right at the door where search engines can immediately meet them. Plus, this makes them think that because these texts are situated on top, they should give them more importance.

6. CSS Enables You to Have Different Formats for Your Website

The format of your website over the Internet is different from its format when accessed through other devices, such as PDAs and mobile phones. Using CSS, it becomes possible for your website to have style sheets so you can optimise the design of your website using different devices.

7. CSS Enables Faster Download

As well as helping your website load faster, CSS also makes any download actions form your site faster. This is because browsers read through a table twice- once to work out their structure and the second time to determine the content. Because CSS requires less code, there won’t be a need for such through readings.

It also helps that the CSS code isn’t stored in HTML like traditional tables. Instead, it’s placed in an external CSS document. This document is called up just once, then stored on the user’s computer. With tables, the HTML needs to be loaded each time, further slowing down the process. Another advantage CSS has is that you can actually determine the order of downloaded items on the screen.

8. CSS Makes Your Site More Crawlable

When links are embedded in JavaScript or other non-HTML codes, it can lead spiders to do an incomplete crawl or to miss them completely. By using standard HTML elements like unordered lists and anchors in CSS, you’re ensuring the crawler finds anchors in CSS, you’re ensuring the crawler finds your website and completes the crawl. In order words, the links become easily discoverable.

You don’t even need to build advanced menus with CSS, simple navigational menus are effective enough. Of course, if you miss the complex widgets you had with JavaScript, you can easily replace them with CSS. This is how rollovers are made, for example. This means that you can basically use CSS for any type of fancy addition, as well as for the basics.

9. CSS Can Replace Images

Images are no longer necessary on sites because of the innovation that is CSS. Of course, it’s not always necessary to replace images with CSS, but sometimes you have to in order to display the message you want. For example, if you want to display your company logo or a key marketing tag line using a graphic image, you’ll have more success relying on CSS.

The company name and tag line are very important, but they’ll remain locked up in the image. With CSS, this information will be unlocked and thus visible to the search engines. Screen readers for the visually impaired and regular browsers with images turned off will also be able to read your message loud and clear.

10. CSS is Browser Compatible

CSS makes your website look professional and well-managed, regardless of what browser is used. Because of the faster loading time and lower maintenance needs, you also save a lot of money. After all, there are no issues that need fixing. The website links are also more dynamic and attractive.

What’s more, you can easily slot in rollovers without using JavaScript, keeping your website light and functional across all platforms. All major browsers recognize CSS so it’s definitely wise for web designers to turn to this method now. While being a current trend, it also puts your website on a whole different, and far more professional, level.

CSS being worldwide web standard is a good reason for you to use it in building your website. You can expect no compatibility issues in the future, especially now that it is highly recommended for every site owner. But more than this, CSS offers huge contributions when it comes to your efforts to optimise your website. Some of them are mentioned above. With CSS, it will be simple for you to attend to your SEO-related tasks and it will be easy for search engines to find you.

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