Social Bookmarking: Its Definition and Importance to SEO

bookmarking imageSocial bookmarking is one of the methods used by Internet marketers in increasing site visits and in improving search engine ranking. It allows them (and even other users) to collect, organize, explore, share and administer bookmarks of web pages. It has become very popular today because it makes it easy for users to go back to their favorite sites or web pages whenever necessary. Internet marketers and website owners like you, on the other hand, love it very much because of its significant contribution in your goal to generate site traffic and to be indexed by search engines.

Get Started with Social Bookmarking

Sign up with one or more social bookmarking sites. Certainly, you will like to register on popular ones rather than wasting your time to those that do not enjoy the interest of users. Among the well-known sites are, Digg, Furl, Propeller, Stumble Upon, BlinkList and Reddit. After signing up, submit your site’s URL. Never forget to include tags – unique at that. Also, write a title and description for your link. Afterwards, you can begin bookmarking your web pages that carry compelling stories. But your task does not end here. You still need to take into account several factors:
1. Do not concentrate on your home page. It is best if you also bookmark web pages that are under sub-menu bar. This will allow you to enjoy equal visibility.
2. Do not make a mistake of bookmarking your own website only. Social bookmarking sites can easily notice this and may subsequently close your account. To prevent this from happening, bookmark some other web pages that you like personally. However, make sure that they contain valuable information.
In addition, be wise enough not to bookmark the site of your competitor. If you think that bookmarking other sites will eat much of your time, use software that can assist you with this like the Social Bookmarking Demon.
3. Bookmark web pages that contain useful information so users will also store them to their own account and may possibly refer them to their friends.
4. If it is essential to update the content of your website regularly, it goes the same way for your social bookmarking account. Do not just let it stand after signing up. Search engine spiders do not crawl on anything that is outdated. Likewise, those who follow your account will have something new to read.
5. In titling and giving description to your web page, you have to include keywords and keyword phrases. However, you still need to keep an eye on the uniqueness and quality of your text. Remember that some social bookmarking sites and social networks carry a “nofollow” attribute. The title and the short description that you will give to your bookmarks can therefore help you achieve increased traffic and Internet visibility.
Social bookmarking offers backlink to your site. For this reason, users who see your site can easily go to your link. Search engines can also find it simple to understand and visit and index your site not only because of the backlink but also because of the title and short description. Truth is that they frequent popular social bookmarking sites. For this reason, online businesses are also highly dependent on social bookmarking to endorse their products and services.

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