Product Reviews: Can it Make or Break Your SEO Efforts?

The Internet has transformed the way people make purchases. They now prefer to buy books, furniture sets, home cleaning products, exercise gears, shoes, clothes, appliances, digital camera and many others over the Internet using their credit cards. Not only this is a convenient way to have the items they want and need, but this also secures them from possible theft. This is because the things they will purchase online will be delivered right into their doorsteps.

The web has also influenced them significantly in their product choices. They based their decisions on online reviews, which were written by previous buyers themselves. For them, the information they read on product reviews are more reliable than advertisements. Now, this is what scares Internet marketers. Though they are confident with the items they sell, they worry about some consumers who are so hard to please.

Regardless of this type of threat, businesses must be listed in sites that allow reviews from their customers. One of them is Google Places. The more people are talking about a certain product, service or company, the more individuals will be interested to read about it and the more reason for search engines to index it.

In case your business receives negative feedbacks over the Internet, all you have to do is to response to the complaints as soon as possible. Do not let other people read about them without knowing that you have justifiable answers to them. Letting them know your side will enable you to properly maintain a good reputation even with the pessimistic comments from buyers. Really, it only depends on how you will handle negative reviews. Your responses should show your confidence, which when read by other people, can change the way they believe in your products or services.

There are instances when you have to refer to specific information in your website to further explain your side. Place a hyperlink or a backlink then so those who wish to know your side can be redirected to your website. On the side of SEO, this is a good chance to build links, right?

So, do not be threatened of negative reviews. In fact, encourage your clients, through your website, to write reviews about the item or the service that they paid for so you will know if you have addressed their needs. Again, take this as an opportunity where you can create anchor text, which will bring them to your review sites.

Likewise, when you read unconstructive reviews, try to read between the lines. Do they really come from a buyer or do they come from your competitors? This is why you have to make a good-natured response. If you leave them unanswered, readers will think that they are true because you cannot comment on them. But if you response to them, they will see that you are businessman handling concerns with professionalism and confidence. On the other hand, good comments will definitely bring improvement not only to your traffic but more so to your sales.

Product reviews can help you improve your chances of generating more traffic because search engine spiders love to index them. They also increase your online visibility as people – customers or not – talk about what you sell. Through this process, they contribute to your SEO efforts. And more likely, they can pave the way for improved conversion rate.

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