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Product Reviews: Can it Make or Break Your SEO Efforts?

The internet has made some big changes when it comes to how we purchase things. You can get just about anything you want with the click of a button on a website. It will travel halfway across the world and end up on your very doorstep. Not only that, but it won’t even cost you all that much. Because of this, consumers have changed the way they choose what purchases to make.

Regular advertisements have gone out of style. Reviews are all that matter now. If you want to purchase something on Amazon, there’s no way you’re going to go out of your way to find out what some professional reviewer thinks of it. Instead, you can enjoy the benefit of reading firsthand accounts from other people that purchased the item.

Marketers have taken note of this and they are changing their strategy accordingly. Let’s not forget that wherever consumers go, search engines follow. Here are some ways that reviews affect your sales and SEO.

1. They’re Useful for Reputation Management

The reputation of any product is crucial for its success. You want people to know it’s good before they even get close to purchasing it. Before the internet, reputation spread with paper reviews and word of mouth. Nowadays, the good word of consumers is pretty easy to share due to how interconnected we are through the internet.

Consumers are affected by ads and professional reviews, but not to the extent that you might want for your product or website. Reviews from other consumers are considered more trustworthy and they can quickly lead to actual conversions.

2. The Right Review Websites are Important for Exposure

Location is everything, even when you’re not actually talking about a physical location. Picking the right website to host your reviews for you is crucial. Before you get to work on your review acquisition strategy, do the necessary research to find out which review website is the most trustworthy option.

The best way to do this is to use Google to find review websites that are relevant for your industry. Keep in mind that not every website shares its results with search engines. Some reviewers keep their reviews exclusive to their own websites, which means those reviews wouldn’t affect your search engine ranking.

Ultimately, you could just host reviews on many websites at once. More reviews can’t hurt your business, especially if consumers find your product or service to be satisfactory. Even some social media sites like Facebook have review platforms. However, keep in mind that some of these options aren’t well moderated, which means anyone can hop on and give a negative review out of the blue.

3. Consumers want to Leave Reviews

People like looking out for each other online. A review is a great way to share your experience with a particular product or service. If something a user finds is interesting or useful, they will want to tell everyone about it. Reviews give them an appropriate medium to voice their opinions.

Good or bad, reviews can give you a lot of attention from search engines and users alike. Keep in mind that bad reviews aren’t necessarily bad for you. Research has shown that users are sceptical of both positive and negative reviews if they don’t seem genuine. The fact that the review grabbed their attention in the first place is important. Any publicity is good publicity if it gets people to visit your website and check out products.

4. Reviews Provide Fresh and Relevant Content

Search engines are constantly weeding through huge swathes of the internet in search of high-quality, relevant content. They have to note the difference between something that is organic and something that was designed to reel consumers in. The best part about reviews is that they can do both of these things without being filtered by search engines.

Reviews are, in fact, original content that is made by users. Because of this, they are a magnet for search engines which will mark them as something that is useful for people searching online.

5. They Encourage Conversation

Communication is an extremely important aspect of marketing. You want to be able to converse with consumers on a regular basis in order to better inform them about products. Reviews are a platform that allows you to address any issues consumers might have with your product. Negative reviews shouldn’t be discouraged.

Interacting with reviewers allows you to learn from the consumer’s experience and better your product. On the other hand, it also gives you the opportunity to share very useful links. Your website might have pages dedicated to the item or service in question, which might help consumers fix their issues. The backlinks you get out of the interaction are a big bonus as well.

6. Search Engines Love Them

Search engines love reviews for the same reason you do because consumers love them. Anyone that wants to get to know your product will try to find reviews of it first. Searches will be directed towards review websites and the pages of your own products. Reviews also foster discussion about a product, which generates even more visits. Search engine crawlers get a lot of original stuff to work with and that helps them better index your website.

This cycle of searches and reviews attracts the attention of search engines and they will rank your website favourably.

At the very least, every kind of review option will give you more traffic to your website. Review sites will also appreciate new members because it will bring in more traffic to their websites. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship for your websites.


In conclusion, reviews have made some waves in the marketing community. Everyone wants to get in on this craze despite a couple of risks that go with it. It’s not considered much of a gamble, considering the fact that reviews always bring in more users. People will always find a way to share their opinion on a product, especially when their opinion of it is negative. Instead of trying to silence dissenting opinions, your best bet would be to embrace a review system which will give everyone a platform to speak their mind. Being open to communication will help users trust your website and it will build brand loyalty.

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