Is Twitter Really Helpful for SEO?

gwm avoid or helpful imageTwitter is among the most valued component of social media marketing. It is one of the three social networking sites that bloggers recommend to business owners to improve product or service visibility. But does Twitter truly help? If yes, in which way? Before you entertain doubts in your mind, continue your reading below:

1. Search engines give importance to social media in terms of ranking. Truth is that they have modified their search algorithm to include Twitter and other social networking sites in their ranking factor. What you then write in your Twitter account can be indexed in case it matches the query of the Internet users. It is safe to say then that it works similar to backlinks, anchor text and keywords, which successfully attracts search engine spiders.

2. What is your primary reason you aim to optimize your website? This is to be able to improve your Internet exposure, right? Twitter can assist you in this process. As you continuously talks about your products or services and your current customers reply and your potential clients make an inquiry, you are not only building connections with your market but you are also facilitating brand awareness in your approach. What about retweets? This lets you maximize the full potentials of your growth.

3. If you have testimonials or reviews in your website, you can also have the same in your Twitter. Each time your Tweet-friends, as well as your loyal customers, tweet something good and positive about your products or services, other people can read them. Because there seems to be a huge talk about you, search engines will crawl into these conversations, decipher their relevance to user queries and more likely index them. As users find you in the search engine results list and read about what you sell and how people benefit from them, they will be attracted to visit your site. You will surely think: This is how SEO effectively works.

4. There are so many posts (or tweets) about your products or services, as well as your website. More than these, search engines notice a good number of hashtags referring to your trade. You are so fortunate. This is because the more popular your website turns out in Twitter, the more value it begins to earn from search engine spiders.

5. Improving your customer base is one of your reasons for launching your SEO campaign. Twitter can help you in this manner. As you tweet about your business and people begin to connect with you and follows your posts, this only means that you are slowly growing your followers but more importantly, you are almost near to attracting new customers and increasing your customer base.

Some people still questions the help that Twitter can contribute to businesses, more so to SEO. These doubting Thomases cannot accept that simple tweets can change the way search engines crawl and index websites. Just let them think what they want to think. As long as you know the proper to use Twitter for SEO, they should not matter to you. Remember, it is your business that will harvest success through the use of this social network. Just continue what you are doing. They may be too late before they will realize that they are wrong.

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