How Will Search Engines Discover that You Buy Links?

search engine discover links imageLink buying is not bad at all if you buy them from directories that most search engines trust. This is why you should not be surprised if some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies offer you to buy links. But if you have gone too far with the idea of link buying by dealing with websites that have been stagnant for several months or years or with link agencies that do not practice fairness, then you are in real danger of being slapped with penalty. Google and other major search engines can detect this. How? Consider these:

1. The websites where your backlinks originate are not relevant to your business.

They can take note of this. Why will you build links to websites, which target market is different from yours? It is so obvious that you are only after building links so you can improve your search engine ranking.

2. Your competitors report about this.

What do you think your competitors will do if they recognize or discover that you are buying links? Of course, they will report you. You are not being fair so why will they close their eyes on you?

3. Your backlinks are found in every page of other people’s websites.

You create internal links for your site. But it is not normal that other people’s websites will place your backlinks in all their web pages. Surely, search engines will smell something fishy here because they are making your links popular and not theirs. They will definitely take the necessary action.

4. Your links are tagged as ads.

OMG, you should have told the websites where you bought the links not to tag them as ads! This makes your buying activity so obvious.

5. A former employee of yours makes a report.

You shouted at him and did not give him the chance to explain his side. Worse, you fired him! What do you think he will do if he knows that you purchase links? He will get back at you and report you. You should have been more respectful to your employees.

6. A former employee of the link agency reports you.

For reasons unknown to you, an employee of the link agency where you bought the links resigned. To get back at the company, he reported all the organizations that purchased links from them – and the list included you.

7. Links are placed near each other, though, they are not relevant in any sense.

Search engine spiders sense something unusual in a website: The links contained in an ‘article’ are too many and they are not related with each other. Because this is not possible, they are sure that those links belong to link buyers. Next thing you knew, you are being penalized because one of them belongs to you.

Some SEO companies do link buying. Some do not. This is because they know that search engines have the tools and the trusted spiders to tell them. This will only place the businesses they work for to high risk. This threat refers to possible removal to search engine indexes. If your company is one of those that will receive penalty, it is a shame. Because you will be known for doing unethical SEO practices only to make sure that you advance to your competitors.

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