How Social Media Marketing Relates to SEO

social-sharingSome people think that social media marketing is different from Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Truth is that you will not be able to do better in SEO today if you do not include social media marketing in your campaign.

Content bridges the gap between social media marketing and SEO.

To possibly improve your search engine ranking, you will need to build, for example a Facebook Page so you can introduce your company to your ‘friends’ through the content. Do not forget to insert keywords as you write for your “About Us” page so that search engines will likely visit and index this page. In the “Products Info” section, you can again place keyword phrases in the content. You may also insert links that will direct visitors to your website.

However, you must understand that the cycle that relates social media marketing to SEO starts with interesting and relevant content. Without this, your page will be nothing. You cannot possibly win against your competitions that hire expert writers only to make sure that they publish great content. You will even grab the attention of your potential clients.

Your own website is up against your own social page.

Do not be surprised, however, if you see your website and your own social page battling for the attention of the users in the first page of the search engine results. In fact, there are even instances when the Facebook Page of a licensed product dealer goes head-to-head with the website of the company that supplies the merchandise to him in the top five ranking of the search engine results. Yes, this is how social media becomes a powerful tool to Internet marketers.

It is not a direct market – it is a channel.

The social media cannot function as a marketplace similar to your website. You cannot expect to do the trade right in it. However, it becomes a channel that will facilitate interaction with your target market. Truth is that people now expect to see companies or sellers in social pages so they can communicate with them, as if building a personal relationship rather than business. In fact, it is through this special connection that your company is able to harvest links from them. This is also your chance then to take full advantage of the so-called digital PR, where you build connections, create branding and establish credibility.

Social media is a better and a valuable alternative.

It is a better alternative because if your prospective customers do not come across your website, they may stumble upon your social page with the proper keywords. It is a strategy that will help you get noticed by your prospective market and search engines. Through the assistance of social media, you save significant cost from advertising. Likewise, as you update your social pages every day, you are more likely to be indexed because search engine spiders looks for fresh content.

Internet marketers must embrace the relationship between SEO and social media so they can get to the right direction. They must realize which channels can help them more, like Facebook, Twitter and social bookmarking sites. This is especially now that search engines are getting smarter. They can now interpret links and understand the entire web content not only the keywords; hence, they cannot be easily deceived.

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