Guest Blogging, Anyone?

guest blogging anyone imageGuest blogging is one way to build links, to generate traffic and to convert visitors into customers. A lot of beginners in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), however, forget about this strategy. Maybe because other techniques are already sufficient for them to achieve their objectives or they do not know how to start. If you are one of those Internet marketers who wish to try your luck on guest blogging but have no idea where to begin, here are the things to do:

1. Look for blog sites that are appropriate to your niche.

Make an effort to research for blog sites that discuss topics related to your niche. If your business refers to digital devices, look for blogs that talk about them. However, if you can find blog sites that specifically talk about digital cameras and you know that you are already an expert here, go for these sites.

2. Do they accept guest bloggers?

In the blog sites, try to know if they are accepting guest bloggers. If yes, then you are fortunate. Include them in your short list. Submit your application or register online. Introduce yourself to the blog owners. Tell them about your education and qualifications, including your writing experiences. Inform them how they can benefit from your expertise (especially in terms of traffic) and how you can help them promote the blog site.

Once accepted, you must read and understand the guidelines set for guest bloggers prior to joining. More importantly, check their traffic. Do not forget the primary reason you want to guest blog: increase the number of your site visitors. So, do not write blogs on a site that does not enjoy heavy traffic.

3. Make your blog unique.

The next thing you do is write your content. Before you do this, review the topics previously discussed. Try to make your blog different. Choose a special angle. For example, everyone is talking about guides on how to buy a digital camera and what to look for in a digital camera. Why not make yours this way: How to find the cheapest and the most affordable digital camera online. This will sound more interesting to readers. They will read your content and who knows they will go and check your own site.

Of course, do not forget to write keywords. However, you must limit your number because some blog sites are very strict with this. If allowed (which should be the main factor why you should choose to guest blog in a specific blog site), create backlinks so your readers will be directed to your site.

4. Take advantage of your byline.

In your byline, other than allowing them to know your name, tell them about your expertise and your blog. To show integrity, include your photo. More importantly, create an anchor text and use keywords.

5. Endorse your blog post in your own website and in your social network pages.

Build links – this is your primary goal, right? So promote your blog to your website. Create a link also to your social network pages, such as Facebook. Through this, you may be able to catch the attention of many readers. You may earn comments or feedbacks, which in the process will help improve your search engine ranking.

Some guest bloggers are not paid – but they are given the exposure that they need online. This is what is important to Internet marketers. Be visible, be known and be able to share information.

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