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Free Useful Tools for SEO

Search engine optimisation is here to stay. A vital part of internet marketing (which is a vital part of marketing in general), the better your SEO, the better reach you will get. However, you need the right tools for SEO for the job If you want to be successful. Below you can find some free software that can aid your SEO efforts.

1. SEO Analyzer

This tool can contribute a lot to your optimisation project. When you use this SEO Analyzer, it gives you a report on the possible weaknesses of your SEO efforts. For this reason, you can immediately perform some changes to increase your chances for a higher search engine rank. It also records previous reports, which you can download in PDF format. Do not worry about the interface because it is easy to navigate.

2. Rank Checker

A ranking is the entire point of you setting up your SEO. By having a high Google Rank, you will increase the chances of your page being the top choice for any relevant browser search. A high ranking means people will be more likely to click on your page (and actually find it). Indeed, when was the last time you clicked on the second page of Google results?

Now, as the name suggests, it allows you to check the possible search engine ranking for your site. For a day, it can manage up to five keywords. This is such a huge help on your part, right? It even keeps a history of your rankings, which you can access and download anytime. When you install the browser key, it copies the link of the page you are in automatically. Hence, you can do a faster rank check. The importance of knowing your ranking is pretty obvious, in our estimate.

3. Backlink Checker

An important part of SEO is setting up backlinks. By using backlinks, you show Google’s spiders (the analytic coding that, among other things, influences your rankings) that your website is trustworthy. With many links that go to and from high-ranking websites, you can show that your website is rather popular, and of high quality as well. So, this means you need a good backlink checker.

Are you in doubt of your backlinks? Are you thinking if they are sufficient enough to assist you in your SEO efforts? Use this tool then. This will carefully assess your backlinks. This is recommended for those who are only beginners in link building. Excitingly, this can also evaluate the backlinks of your competitors. This will detect any dead links, links going nowhere, as well as link density and utilization.

4. Google Analytics

This is the commonly used site analytics tool by website owners who are aiming to become successful in their SEO campaign. Made by Google for everybody, it offers sets of data that are valuable to you as a site owner. It gives reports on which content obtained the most visits. It also shares information about traffic behaviour and many more.

5. Google Webmaster Console

Simply put, if you want to know how Google views your site, use this. It tells you about backlinks, crawling speed, crawling rate and others.

In fact, the Google Webmaster Console is a great service that helps you get a very clear and deep insight into the workings of your website, on how it performs. All you have to do to get this tool is simply have your own website.

With GWC, you can verify that Google does, in fact, have access to the stuff you have on your website. You can use it to hide certain pages from search engine users, as well as to submit new pages that Google can analyse. It allows you to maintain and work on your website, without it actually disappearing from the internet. GWC is great for getting rid of malware that you may not notice through other means.

Furthermore, it can tell you which queries give you the most traffic. It can also tell you which queries make you appear in search results, as well as what websites are linking to your website. It also lets you check how well your website is optimised for phone and tablet usage.

6. Wordtracker SEO Blogger

If you hire someone to post blogs for your company to create backlinks, ask him to rely on this. This can give him the most searched keywords for his topic. He can make use of this together with the blog publishing software. Hence, he can immediately optimise his post as he writes.

7. Google Adwords Keyword Tool

This is a program that suggests keywords for Google AdWords. If you are a beginner in Pay per Click (PPC) advertising and only on your way to learning about Google Adwords, this will supply you with great ideas about the appropriate keywords for your website. All you need is to type the word or phrase in the box provided (or the URL) and this will show a long list of keywords related to what you do.

8. SEOQUake

A great tool you can get is SEOQuake. Now, SEOQuake is a toolbar extension that is great if you are focusing on multiple search engines. They give you insight into the parameters of different search engines at all times. You can then save this information for later. It gives you a clear view of the number of visitors a page gets, as well as the country of origin of said visitors. It gives you the traffic history of a site (through a graph), buttons for the number of Facebook likes, a directory for Google index updates, backlinks…. You also have a clear line to a site’s Alexa rank numbers and its Bing index.

Now, an issue with SEOQuake is that it can be a bit complex. While not a tool for beginners, SEOQuake has a lot to offer for any veteran optimiser.

Even if you have carefully researched and planned everything for your SEO campaign, it still does not guarantee success. You will need to do follow-ups or double-checking after you and your team accomplished the tasks involved. This is essential to make sure that you are just on the right path. This is important to enable you to immediately modify what has been completed. The tools for SEO above are free. But more importantly, each of them can contribute to your goal.

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