Forum Posting to Create Backlinks

Why turn to a forum posting? This will not only allow you to insert backlinks in every post. This will also help your website get noticed by search engines, which frequently index forums. If article submission to directories takes time, forum posting will only take you a few minutes to complete. But, you have to do your homework before you can begin and become successful in this task. Check these:

1. Choose Forums to Join

Do not join all forums though they talk about skincare processes and products all because you are selling these items. It is a waste of time. Instead, choose popular and active forums. Search engines frequent them.

2. Think about Relevance

Do not reply to a post or start a forum for discussion if you know very well that you are in the wrong place. For example, you think about joining a forum that discusses the best SLR digital cameras when the product that you will try to promote is a skin whitening lotion. For you, there is nothing wrong with that as long as you share with them the benefits of having white skin, as well as the goodness of your product. Do you think they will appreciate your “additional input”? Of course not! They either ignore you or curse you for that. Participate in forums that are relevant to what you offer and your post will surely make sense. Best of all, it will receive high click-through rates.

3. Make Yourself Well-Informed Before Participating in a Discussion

Though you have found the forum where you will participate in a topic that they are discussing, you will think that you are already ready to go. Read all the posts first so you can follow the thread. If you think you must research to be able to make a valuable and appropriate entry, do so. You also have to display authority as you speak. You have to be knowledgeable about the subject. Remember they are potential customers. If you make a wrong or out-of-theme post, you will only become a laughing stock. Worse, you will receive negative comments about your post. No one will dare click your backlink then.

4. Keywords are Still a Must

Creating backlinks may be your primary goal in forum posting but you should not allow your keywords to take a backseat. You must still insert them in your posts. This will enable search engine robots to crawl into your post and may likely index it.

5. Limit Your Signature Links

In the forum signature, do not include more than two links so you are likely to increase website traffic. If you will have more signature links, you will only confuse readers. Instead, use the remaining space for important details.

6. See If the Forum Allows Do-Follow Links

Once you’ve obtained a list of relevant forums, you will want to use these to their maximum potential. The next logical step is finding out whether or not they allow do-follow backlinks in their threads. If they don’t allow them they might not be worth your time. Luckily, there are a few ways to check if do-follow links are available.

Browsers like Google Chrome have a built-in “inspect” function which will allow you to see the URL along with all the necessary HTML information for the page. If the link for the page contains the line rel=”no follow” in its markup, you won’t be able to create proper backlinks. An even simpler method involved using external tools to determine whether or not the page is adequate. This can be useful if you don’t use Google Chrome or similar browsers. Extensions like backlink checkers are useful for link building purposes on forum websites.

7. Formulate a Strategy

Before you start posting on the forum you’ve chosen, it’s important to create a posting strategy. While you’re on the forum, remember to be respectful towards other members and admins. You have to foster a relationship with the members as if you were a regular member yourself. Try to contribute to the discussion as much as possible. Building backlinks is important, but you also need to drive traffic and make important connections

Once you’ve acquainted yourself with the rules and culture of the forum, it’s going to be easy to make your posts and links stand out. All you have to do is blend in with everyone else.

8. Build Post Links at an Opportune Time

Signature links are an important part of forum posting, but you shouldn’t disregard post links. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Post links differ because you won’t have the same kind of link in every single post. You add individual links in the text part of your post. A lot of forums have formatting options when writing text posts, which is why adding a link shouldn’t be too difficult.

You can also add a naked URL to your posts. These aren’t as easy for users to navigate, but they have their uses. It all depends on the kind of forums you frequent.

9. Find New Topics to Discuss

Forums are a dynamic environment where information is shared constantly. You can’t recycle the same topic over and over again. New topics get a lot of attention on forums which is why you need to get creative. This is where being well-informed comes in. With an extensive knowledge of the forum topics and how they can relate to your business, you can come up with just about anything that will get the attention of regular users. If you’re not feeling very creative, you can always check out what the hottest topics are currently and then use them as inspiration for similar content. Check the main forums and subforums for new content and make sure you set up notifications for new posts.

Forum posting is considered as the easiest and the most effective approach to build links and to advertise your products or services. In addition, it covers a huge number of visitors; hence, giving you a strong possibility of improving your traffic. For this reason, you must include this in your SEO tactics. However, you still need to consider several factors before launching your forum posting project or before hiring a forum poster. This is to ensure success. The list above is only some of them.

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