What is Black Hat SEO and How to Avoid It

agso black hat seo avoid it imageBlack Hat SEO is another approach in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, most companies that wish to optimize their website will not resort to this kind. This is because it breaks the rules formulated by search engines only to guarantee the highest possible search engine ranking. It performs tricks that disappoint both search engines and Internet users. Among them are discussed below:

Keyword Stuffing – If you think that this is about placing related but several keyword phrases to the content without regard to keyword density, this term may mean different when it comes to Black Hat SEO. For instance, a user searches for the phrase “home repair service”. As he clicks the URL of one of the websites listed in the search engine results, he is directed to a web page that astonishes him: There is no content at all! He finds only keywords, which are not even related to each other: home repair service, cheap digital camera, effective skin whitening – you name it the page has it. This is such a disappointing trick, right? Do not worry. Search engines will soon discover about this and a penalty is sure to come.

Cloaking – It is giving search engines and visitors two different versions of content. In the search engine results page, the information relates to the query of the user. But as he visits the site, he discovers the web page to be different. This is another trap from Black Hat SEO, right?

Blog or Article Comment Spamming – Some bloggers and article commenters are so obvious in their aim to spam because they only write “great blog” or “great article” to the box provided then follow it with their links. Some are even worse because they only post the links – nothing more, nothing less.

Doorway Page – Some website owners opt to build a doorway page. It is the web page that is only made to capture the interests of users, as well as search engines. But as a visitor waits for it to load, he is suddenly redirected to the ‘true’ page.

Hidden Text and Links – You may think that there is nothing written to the background of the web page that you are currently at, but if the site that you are into is making use of Black Hat SEO, you will be surprised to know that there are keywords and links hidden. They color them with the hues of the page background so they remain visible to people – but not to search engines, which will surely read them.

Content Scraping – This technique makes use of a tool to take content from other sites listed in the search results. This ploy, however, receives immediate penalty.

Black Hat SEO used to be a legit form of optimizing a website. However, some people went overboard and this significantly reduced its value. Hence, if you will utilize the Black Hat SEO technique to your website, you are sure to receive penalty from search engines. This punishment can go as far as removing your site to search engine index. Are you willing to gamble? You should not because you will only risk the life of your business, as well as the lives of the people who work for you. The positive results may be immediate but the negative effects are long term.

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