What Is Off Page Optimization?

gwm page optimisation imageOff page optimization is search engine optimization that involves promoting your website outside of it. While on site optimization is concerned with work that you do with the website you are promoting, such as adding keyword-optimized content, images and the like, off site efforts are primarily focused on building links from other websites to your own. Link-building is, thus, the cornerstone of this online marketing technique, where you try to associate your site with other sites in order to increase your chances of being found relevant by Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.

It might sound easy to do, linking your site to other sites and letting this trick work its magic on you. Not at all. Not all links are good for your site because not all of them are viewed by search engines positively. In other words, you have to practice some caution when link-building because when you happen to link with a site that does not register well with Google and company, you could actually defeat the purpose of off site optimization.

The four most important things you need to consider when choosing sites to link to are the following:

Relevance – Even if you link to a popular site, it will not count in your favor if such site does not relate to anything you do based on what your own website indicates. It’s also important to check if that site is linking to low quality sites or those that are not relevant.

Traffic – You also have to consider the market that comes to the site you’re linking to, because that will be the market you want to attract to yours. For example, if you’re selling little girls’ clothes, you can link to a famous fashion designer’s site, but you may not find the market that wants to buy little girls’ clothes there.

Page Rank – Of course, you’d like to link to a site that has a good page rank. The higher that site’s rank on the SERP’s, the greater the favor it does to your own.

Links – Linking to a site that has a lot of links from other websites is good because this has a domino effect on your site.

The Importance of Off site SEO

Off site optimization basically revolves around link-building and this is because links count as votes to your site. This is why linking with authority sites, or those that have an established presence online, will be good for you. The search engines value these links and use them to gauge how much you deserve a certain page rank. For example, if you have authority sites linked to you, this means that you have good content because such authority sites have allowed you to link to them. The more good links you have, the more convinced search engines will be that you should get a good page rank, or a better page rank than your competitors.

There is the question of which is more important – on page or off page SEO. Both are actually important, but when it comes to extent of benefit, off page SEO always has an edge. Search engines put greater weight on your links because, after all, these links are the ultimate sign of your credibility based on the views of other webmasters, given that you are linking to “positive” sites. You have full control over your on page optimization because you own the site and you can do whatever you want to do to make it look good to the search engines. But when you talk of links, you talk of how good your website looks to other good websites. This then makes a lot of difference in terms of your search engine ranking.

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