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gwm tools for seo imageYou looked into your SEO checklist and found out that you have accomplished everything. Now, it is time for you to take time to relax and wait for site visits, inquiries and more importantly, purchase – but for how long?

Some people say that it really takes a lot of time before you can harvest the fruits of your labor so you are willing to patiently wait. Does this mean that you will only hang around until you receive inquiries and orders? What if it is already several months after you have completed your SEO project? Will you still do nothing? By the way, can you afford your business to wait this long? Of course not! It will greatly suffer if your SEO strategies have not been instantly effective. What you should do is to use an efficient tool that will help you do daily or weekly site analysis right after the implementation of your SEO strategies.

JAWStats Website Statistics – JAWStats is a free software program that will assist you in monitoring activities in your website. It gives you several specific details, such as how many people have visited your site, which can all be useful in your performance of site analysis. JAWStats is very quick and easy to install. It carries interface that it very simple to navigate. It also supports multiple languages.

GoingUp! – If you are looking for various types of statistical data, this is the best one for you. These sets of information are even presented to visually please your eyes so you can avoid boredom as you analyze them. Using GoingUp!, you can keep track of your visitors, view conversion rates, check sales and advance your SEO tactics. Yes, this device shares important input about SEO.

Google Analytics – This tool has powerful features that will enable you to assess your site traffic. In addition, this will help you measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. It is considered as one of the most useful platform for site analysis; hence, it is also one of the most popular. This is because it offers loads of data useful to Internet marketers.

W3 Counter – W3 Counter is another website analytics tool that is free for use of Internet marketers like you. It answers most of your concerns: who are your visitors, what methods do they use to find your site and what are their interests. All these will give you sufficient idea on how to improve your SEO, as well as marketing strategies.

ClickTale – ClickTale follows the activity of your site visitor from the first time they click your site until the last. It carefully studies customer behavior and provides accurate conversion rates. It also informs you which page your visitors pay a lot of attention to. You will even be amazed on how it records mouse movements and scrolls. These are only two of its unique features.

The tools above are only some of those that will assist you in tracking the performance of your website. Through these, you will have statistics to rely on as you perform site analysis.  More importantly, these software programs can help you decide if you need to change something in your SEO campaign as these can aid you in monitoring the effectiveness keywords, links and content. Some of them are free; hence, you should have no excuse why you cannot use one of them.

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