Goal of SEO – The Power of Search-Optimized Text

There are various types of SEO techniques that can be used on you website, but they all work with one common objective – get you the highest SERP ranking possible. 90% of search engine users only look at the first 10 websites listed on a SERP, which means your goal should a page rank not lower than 10.

However, search engines are not people who can judge which sites deserve the highest ranks based on web design, videos, consumer awards, etc. However, they can detect TEXT and use it to make decisions.

This is why search-optimizing your site means controlling the text you publish in a way that gives you a favorable SERP rank.

So if search-optimized text is the way to get a good page rank, how exactly is it done? There are basically 5 steps that search engines go through before displaying results on a SERP:



Search engines “crawl” the Internet or check what information is available with the use of programs called spiders, crawlers or bots.



Web pages are classified or “indexed” according to their content or the type of

information they provide by identifying certain words or word combinations. After

classification, relevant webpages are stored in a database for later retrieval.


*Note that the more SEO-optimized a webpage is, the more chances it has

been classified correctly and reaching the right Internet users.


Search engines compare the search phrase with the information provided by

indexed webpages and create matches.



>> Because there are likely to be millions of web pages in the

database that will turn out to match the search phrase entered by

the user, the search engines will calculate relevancy using algorithms that put

varying weights for different criteria such as keyword density, metatags, etc.


>>Different search engines use different algorithms, which is

why they show different results for the same search phrases.


*Note that these search engines also change their algorithms from time to time,

which is why it is best for an SEO-dedicated team to work on search-optimizing

your website based on evolving trends in order for it to maintain a good page


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