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1450 Pairs of Sandals Sold

6.21% Conversion Rate

0.72$ Average Cost per Click

About the Client

Gloria Sandals is one of the most reputable online shoe retailers. They are an Australian brand that has been producing handmade Avarca sandals for over 60 years. Currently, they are one of Australia’s best known original avarca manufacturers, granted with the label “Avarca de Menorca” issued by the local government of Menorca. Years of experience creating handmade shoes and Avarca sandals resulted in the creation of one of the richest offers of first class footwear on the Australian market.

About the campaign

Together with Gloria Sandals we’ve defined a set of goals to restructure their campaign. The main goals were:


  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase their online sales
  • Increase the number of website visitors
  • Increase revenue
  • Lower the average cost per click
  • Lower the average cost per conversion


After analyzing the main goals for the PPC campaign, our team prepared a strategy for Gloria Sandals that would focus primarily on increasing their online revenue, and with it build brand awareness. Since Gloria Sandals didn’t have an account, the very first step was to create one for them.

Keyword analysis

When creating a new Google Ads campaign, our team always starts with an in-depth keyword analysis of the terms the client wants to rank for. In this case, Avarca and Menorca sandals, and brand name keywords.

Account structure

Since this is an ecommerce client, we were able to structure the account in three distinct ways: a search campaign, focusing on the keywords the client wanted to target, a shopping campaign that featured products from the clients catalogue, and a remarketing display campaign targeting website visitors.


All of the different campaign types had their specific ads. The shopping campaign featured products, and for the display campaign we had our designers create unique animated banners. As for the shopping campaign we made sure that each of the ad groups contained at least two expanded text ads as well as one responsive ad. The ad copies are all relevant, and emphasize our clients selling points. Each of our ads has a clear call to action.


2,500,000 increase in Impressions



23,000 increase in Clicks



Conversion rate increased to 6.21%



Increase of over 1400 in Conversions



Cost per conversion lowered to 11$



Pairs of Sandals Sold


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