A Clear Guide to Help You Start with Search Engine Optimization

Nov 24, 2016 BY admin

gwm guide to uptimise seo imageYou know that competition over the Internet is very stiff. You have to work doubly hard not only to get hold of a portion of the market but to also dominate. You know it is not easy. But are you aware that it is not as difficult as well? This is ironic, right? Consider Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It can help your website land in the first page of search engine results without so much effort. If you are new in this, check the guides below:

1. Use keywords and keyword phrases.

Keywords and keyword phrases are words or group of words that you will strategically place in the body and title of your web content, image names and even in URLs. They have to be those that most searchers in your market commonly typed in the browser. This is to enable your website to be one of the top search engine results, which will possibly pave the way for the increase in your Internet hits. If you have no idea what are these keywords and keyword phrases, make an effort to research.

You have to avoid keyword stuffing, however. You have to limit the number of keywords and keyword phrases that you will use or else you will be tagged as spammer and search engine spiders will not ignore your website. In addition, take note of keyword density, where you will only have to mention them three to four times in your content.

2. Create internal backlinks.

Creating backlinks in your own website will also help increase your chance of generating traffic. This is because the more relevant words a specific search engine (such as Google) finds in your site, the more likely that you will be included in the first results page. Backlinking is done by making anchor text between your archive and present content. But then again, avoid excessive linking. You may only irritate your readers. For every article, choose only two to four words or phrases to link.

3. Include a sitemap.

If you will include a sitemap in your website, it is likely that search engine spiders will find you and therefore will place you in the search results.

4. Update your website regularly.

You do not want your visitors to notice that you pay no attention to your website, right? For this reason, you have to make it a point to update it regularly. This will give the impression that you are taking your business seriously and that you are after providing them with benefits rather than selling. More importantly, search engines like Google will not pick your site if the information you can offer for the current research.

5. Submit articles to article directories and industry publications.

Write articles that are meant for submission to article directories and industry publications. Include keywords that will direct them to Internet visitors or more specifically to your target market. However, make sure that you are not trying to do a hard-sell. Write to inform while underscoring benefits.

Do not be intimidated with the term search engine optimization. It simply means improving the visibility of your company over the Internet. It involves lots of work, but when done efficiently will definitely generate traffic and will primarily convert visits into sales.

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