8 Tips in Submitting Content to Article Directories

gwm content writing directories imageOff-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) depends highly on content submission to article directories. This can lead to a good number of quality links. More importantly, this can pave the way for higher rankings in search engine results. However, you should consider several factors to become successful in article submission:

1. Do not submit one article to all directories.

You may submit content to all prominent article directories. However, it is better if you group your articles per directory. Do not post one article to all of them or else, you will diminish the value of this particular content to search engines. Aside from this, search engines rank only one copy so it is the worthless thing to do.

2. Rewrite or spin articles.

Because you are prevented from sending one article to all directories, what you do is to produce rewrites so you can avoid duplication. Some website owners prefer rewrites to ensure the excellence of each piece of content. However, some prefer spinning articles to be able to mass produce.

3. Choose where to publish your articles.

Do not waste your time sending your articles to all directories. Just keep the number to a minimum. Choose only those that are well-known or reputable. Among them are Ezine, Go Articles and Buzzle.

4. Do not forget to include anchor text.

Whenever you submit an article, do not forget to create anchor text so you will have something that will link readers to your site. Likewise, include your company name and a description of what you offer, if allowed.

5. Do not submit the same business profile or description to each of your article.

Each time you write a new article (or even a rewrite) you should also create a new description for your business. This is to avoid duplication of content. This is also to prevent devaluation of your links.

6. Link your articles to other web pages.

In your anchor text, make sure that you do not direct your readers to the same web page. Search engines can notice this and they may penalize you for this. Make it a point then to link them to different pages in your website.

7. Post content regularly.

If you have 100 articles for submission to 10 directories, do not do it at one time or in a span of one week. Instead, submit one for each article directory every week. In this way, you will become more effective. This is because you have updated materials, which search engine robots can crawl to every time.

8. When you place anchor text in a phrase, see to it that it is related to the content of page where they will be redirected.

Do not just place anchor text in any phrase that you choose. Always make it a point that it is connected to the web page content. If not, you will surely disappoint your readers and they will think that you are only trying to sell. So the next time they will come across your website, they will definitely ignore you.

Website owners find article directories a true gift from heaven. Through them, they are able to maximize the potentials of their SEO efforts. They are also able to create a good number of quality backlinks. They obtain the necessary exposure over the Internet that subsequently enables them to promote their products or services and to convert inquiries to sales.

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