301 Redirect: What it is and Why it is Essential to SEO

Nov 24, 2016 BY admin

gwm 301 redirect essential to seo imageThere are so many reasons some websites need to redirect search engines and users to a new URL. Among the redirect options they use are 301, 302, Meta Refresh and Javascript Redirect. Among them, the 301 Redirect is commonly used by those that aim for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Being an Internet marketer and website owner yourself, you may be wondering why. Read the items below to explain:

Moving to a new location or modifying file names

As you move to a new site (of course, with a new URL), you are also thinking of transferring some web pages with you. Therefore, you will need to do a redirection. This is when search engines, as well as users, will be redirected to a different URL, where the specific page earlier requested is now located. To do this, you will have to use the 301 redirect, which is also used when modifying file names. It is the most search engine-friendly redirect method. There is no reason for search engines (like Google) and for your visitors to read 404 errors in the page.

Avoiding penalty in duplication of content

The method 301 Redirect means that you have moved permanently to a new site. Through this, search engines will not think that your current site is carrying the same content from that of the old URL. Hence, you will be able to keep away from the annoyance of search engines and you will not receive penalty for duplicate content. A penalty may mean removal of the website in search engine index.

Keeping your PageRank

With the use of 301 Redirect, you will be able to keep your search engine ranking. This then makes it a better redirect option for website owners then who are strictly and ethically working on an SEO campaign. Imagine earning – and taking care of — that significant placement in search engines for so many years and losing them only because you will transfer to a new URL? That will be too tough of a decision to make. But with 301 Redirect, there is nothing to worry anymore.

Retaining your regular visitors

It has been a few years since you launched your website. Now that you have to go to a different URL, you fear that you will also have to drop your regular site visitors. They are those that have already bookmarked your site link in their computers; therefore, you are having a hard time letting go of them. Again with the implementation of 301 Redirect you and your visitors will still see continue to share information.

If you want to be sure if you or your web developer is doing the right thing when it comes to using 301 Redirect, use the Redirect Check SEO Tool. It carefully studies the various URLs in your homepage. It then shares information about what it discovers so you can take appropriate action.

Search engines are friends with 301 Redirect. Google recommends it. This is why you have to also use it. This offers significant help in your SEO efforts. It is easy to set up if you own a small website or doing a simple redirection. Open the .htaccess file and paste something like this:

redirect 301 /former_page.html http://www.yourcompanyname.com/abc/latest_page.html. If not, this may appear to be complicated.

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