10 Tips to Improve Your Web Content for SEO and for Users

Nov 24, 2016 BY admin

gwm tipsto improve seo imageNever allow the quality of your content suffer if you are thinking of optimizing your website for search engines. Do not just focus on keywords and anchor text. If you do, the efforts of your entire SEO team will go nowhere. Search engines do not visit sites that suffer from poor quality content. Even users will not waste their time on your site if they find nothing interesting or useful to them. It is for these reasons that you have to ensure the excellence of your web content. Here are ways how:

1. Stick to writing concise copies.

Do not write long articles as if they are already speeches. Include all the information you wish to tell them but you have to make it brief. Make sure also that you have more text than images. Search engines will not frequent (or worse, completely ignore) your site if you do.

2. Take note of the word count.

If this is something that is hard for you to do at the start, write regardless of word count. After which, begin editing. Reduce the word count. A 300- to 500-word copy is enough.

3. Use a striking headline.

Your headline must be powerful. It must build curiosity out of the readers. It must also tell them (including the search engines) what the story is all about. In this way, they will find the need to read the body.

4. Do not impress your readers with technical jargon and high-faluting words.

If you think that you will impress your site visitors by using words or phrases that are not ordinary, you are very wrong. You must realize that content must be understood even by a Grade 8 student. This is to be sure that anyone who visits your site will understand the message that you are trying to convey. This goes the same for the search engines.

5. Use bullet points and numbers to list your information.

If you do this, your content becomes more readable to your visitors and more understandable to search engine spiders. They get your message right away. This goes the same for subheadings, which let you organize your thoughts and free your website from clutter.

6. Write your articles in the inverted pyramid.

Write the most important part of the content at the first two paragraphs. Explanation comes in the succeeding sentences. At the conclusion, summarize what you have written above and or course, highlight what is important.

7. It must not look like an advertisement.

People know that an advertisement tells all the good things about particular products or services, but they doubt if they are all true because the ad was written to drive sales. So chances are they will not read your content. So change your writing style. Write to inform. In addition, search engines rank websites that are informative.

8. Write or hire someone to write content for your website regularly.

Your articles must always be new. People must notice that you update your content regularly. More importantly, it must be original. On the other hand, Google and other search engines look for unique and most recent content. Hence, you will need to hire a professional writer for your content.

9. Show proof.

More often than not, you will claim about something in your write up. For example, “A lot of people have used this.” Write this instead: “Research shows that 90% of people age 25 to 50 use this.” Do not forget to reveal the data source. This is more credible than the earlier sentence.

10. Give it a touch of humor.

Readers can get easily bored. Grab their attention by writing in a conversational tone. To become more successful, give it a touch of humor.

Website owners must make sure that they publish effective and quality content not only for their visitors but also for search engines. Or else, they will not be able to catch their attention and lose the possibility of ranking higher in search engine result pages and of increasing click-through rates.

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